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  vserver services web modify -vserver <NODE_NAME> -name ontapi -enabled true
  vserver services web modify -vserver <NODE_NAME> -name ontapi -enabled true
=== Restore shows permission problems ===
=== {{anchor|permission}}Restore shows permission problems ===

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NetApp Volume Backup

FilerView http might be disabled


  • FilerView might be disabled.


  • Check if FilerView is enabled. Logon to your NetApp system via ssh and use the following command to check whether your FilerView http is enabled:
options httpd.admin.enable

In clustered environments or Ontap 8 Versions using Vserver:

vserver services web modify -vserver <NODE_NAME> -name ontapi -enabled true

Restore shows permission problems


  • A restore fails with the following error message in the protocol:
2012-08-20 12:32:27: sbc-2044: Warning: Cannot create item 
[/var/opt/sesam/var/work/mnt/netapp/VOLUME_NAME/restore/]: Permission denied


  • Check if the system acting as a data mover has a write access to the NetApp volume the data should be restored to.

Incorrect volume path specification


  • Usually NFS shares on NetApp systems are exported beneath the:

directory. For example the nfs share test is mountable via:


This is not the case for all NetApp systems. Some systems export the volume directly via:



  • By default, SEP sesam mounts the volume via /vol/ specification. You can adjust the volume_path parameter in the advanced backup options by specifying the following:
-a volume_path=/

Backup fails with Permission denied - user mapping for NTFS style volumes is missing


  • By default, SEP sesam is accessing the volumes for backup via NFS. If a desired volume for backup has security style set to NTFS, an appropriate user mapping has to be configured on the NetApp system. If not, backup may fail with Permission denied error message.


  • Map the permission for the administrator user to root as shown in the screenshot below.

Netapp name mapp.png

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