Backup Module Error Messages

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Backup Module Error Messages

The Sesam Backup Modules are designed to produce special messages. The protocol files are scanned after backup or restore and in the event a warning or error state occurs the first identified message is printed in a summary at the end of the protocol.

A list of all SBC messages (C header file) can be found at SBC Messages.

Functional Stack of Backup Modules

Every backup module uses X/Open Systems Management: Backup Services API (XBSA) Standard (see for further details). SEP's XBSA is based on an FTP implementation ( See RFC 959 ). The Backup module connects to SEP's Sesam Transfer Protocol Daemon (STPD), an FTPD daemon implementation, to send or retrieve data from SEP's Sesam Multiplex Server (SMS) daemon.

An error message is composed from the triggering layer up to the upper layers. If the Operating System returns an error the error code and the operating system message will be added to the message.

The result is a high level error message which may return information from 5 layers: SBC - XBSA - FTP - SMS - Operating System. This can often be used to troubleshoot problems beyond SEP sesam caused by OS or other system problems.

Example of Backup Module Protocol

The following example shows a typical backup protocol.

2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3036: Info:    # SESAM BACKUP CLIENT FOR Windows NT FILE SYSTEMS, VERSION: 3.2A17 Build
Revision: 1.257 (x64), Released: Jun 25 2009 #
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3063: Info:    -------------------- Operation Parameters --------------------
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3019: Info:    OS info:          Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Build: 6001 Service Pack 1 (x64)
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3100: Info:    Program PID:      42900
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3030: Info:    Operation:        BACKUP, Level: COPY
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3031: Info:    Storage Host:     qsbox3:11001,0-0:SESAM_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION:****
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3032: Info:    Control Host:     qsbox3:11001:SESAM_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION:*
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3040: Info:    Device:           SMS:disk1:SHARE:64
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3064: Info:    --------------------- Operation Messages ---------------------
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3002: Info:    Building file list from: [C:\SEPsesam\var\ini]
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3022: Info:    Command line ["sbc" "-b" "-C" "qsbox3:11001" "-S" "qsbox3:11001" "-l" "copy" "-s"  
"SF20090626102812" "-d" "SMS:disk1" "-t" "weekly00001:1" "-j" "TEST_BACKUP" "-i" "job=TEST_BACKUP,nod=qsbox3,cmd=sbc,src=C/ /SEPsesam 
/var/ini,ptf=WNT,typ=Path,exc=" "C:/SEPsesam/var/ini" ]
2009-06-26 10:28:16: sbc-3003: Info:    Opening saveset: SF20090626102812
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3104: Info:    Saveset info: [SEGMENT=3]
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3004: Info:    Begin writing to saveset...
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3074: Info:    Backup start time [20090626102818]
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3143: Info:    Starting with drive C:
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3006: Info:    Saveset size: 98304 bytes. Throughput: 189.820 MB/Hour.
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3005: Info:    Closing saveset.
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3052: Info:    Items processed correctly: [25]. Not processed or incorrectly processed items: [0].
2009-06-26 10:28:18: sbc-3007: Info:    Operation successful.
2009-06-26 10:28:19: sbc-3001: Info:    Exiting.

The protocol displays 4 sections:

  1. About Module
  2. Operational Parameters
  3. Processing
  4. Summary

Verbose Levels for Backup Modules

The reporting (verbose) level of the backup protocol can be controlled by setting a specific log level using the switch '-v' in the 'Save Options' field of the backup task properties in tab 'Options 1'. For instance setting the level to '-v 3' returns protocol messages regarding item processing.

The following log levels are provided:

0 print only standard and error messages together with summary
1 add a line for every item when processing starts for it: 'sbc-3008: Info:    Processing item: [xxx]...'
2 add a line when processing for item finished: 'sbc-3108: Info:    Item processed successfully: [xxx]'
3 add backup module processing information (with DB_API modules)
4 add underlying module processing XBSA and detailed DB_API modules
5 add packing data (mtf, cpio, sidf) trace messages


When starting a Restore the default is set to log level '-v 1' if less or equal 1000 items are selected. This may be overwritten with Restore Wizard - Expert Options - Verbose Level.

Backup and Restore Protocols

Backup Protocols

If an error occurs a summary is posted to the end of the backup protocol. The error message summary is prefixed by a short information string.

The full error message is composed as follows:

{Status}/{Amount}/{Saveset ID}/{SbcStart}/{message}

'Status' is one of the following:

0 successful
1 warning
2 empty lis
3 broken during backup
C broken before data transfer
X failed

'Amount' is the data amount stored on media, 'Saveset ID' is the generated save set ID and 'SbcStart' is the starting time on client host.

The following example shows a backup error summary with all 5 layers prefixed by a short information string:

X/0/SF20060629233007/20060629232907/Error: XBSA Call BSAEndData (closing saveset) failed: 
System detected error, operation aborted. TRANSIENT or PERMANENT NEGATIVE reply: 
553 STOR Failed. 1037: Writing data block on tape failed (23): Data error (cyclic redundancy check). 
1039: Writing of Saveset Trailer failed.

An operating system error 23 (ERROR_CRC) occurs if tape drive cannot write proper blocks on the media. Tape drive and media must be checked.

Restore Protocols

At the end of a restore protocol a summary is always created and sent to the report window. The summary shows the results of the restore of the Backup Module and the POST processing. The final status is successful if both were successful.

See the following restore protocol example:

SBC-STATUS: Restore was successful

I009-RESTORE POST for restore SESAM_BACKUP-20090701_143152 from LTO00001 is not activated

RESTORE STATUS: Restore was successful

The following example shows a summary after an unsuccessful restore together with the SBC error message:

SBC-STATUS: Restore was not successful. 
2009-06-30 15:32:31: sbc-1067: Error:   XBSA Call BSAGetObject failed with message: 
Access to the requested object is not possible. RETR failed. NEGATIVE reply: 
553 RETR Failed. 1017: Invalid segment number. (0)

An "1017: Invalid segment number" may occur if a wrong medium is mounted in the drive.