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Storage Time Limit, Media Cycle

Duplication and migration overview

SEP sesam migration is a process of copying selected savesets from one media pool (source pool, e.g., disk) to another media pool (target or destination pool, e.g., tape), typically in a disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) sequence. This enables duplication of the savesets.

To optimize migration performance, only the savesets with status successful or with warnings can be selected for migration, while the erroneous or only partially restorable savesets (containing data from cancelled backups) cannot be migrated.

If the media in the source and target media pools are available after migration, the saveset is duplicated; however, a saveset is considered to be migrated, if it is deleted from the source media pool. The source and target data sets can be accessed with the restore wizard. If only the migrated saveset exists, it will be required when performing the restore.

You can manage the migration tasks from GUI: Main selection -> Tasks -> Migration tasks. The source and target media pool must be defined in a new migration dialog. Additionally, a number of filter options are available (including by task, task group or backup client). You can also migrate backups from a specific medium to a different media pool.

You can select the savesets for migration from the selected backup task, task group, or client. You can start a configured migration task from the GUI immediately or attach it to a scheduled migration event; so it starts automatically at a predefined time.

See also

Configuring Migration

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