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Discontinued SEP sesam Server OS

The following table lists the last supported version of SEP sesam for specified operating systems. You can continue using the last supported version of SEP sesam on these operating systems, but SEP AG no longer provides updates or fixes for the specified versions.

Operating system Last supported version Release Notes
RHEL 6 4.4.3 Grolar
SLES 11 SP2, SP3, SP4 4.4.3 Grolar
Debian 8 »Jessie« 4.4.3 Grolar
Debian 7 »Wheezy« 4.4.3 Grolar Version only available for sesam-cli on amd64
Windows Server 2008 4.4.3 Grolar
Windows 7 4.4.3 Grolar
Ubuntu 14.04 4.4.3 Tigon V2
All 32-bit operating systems 4.2.2
SLES 10 4.2.2
RHEL 5 4.2.2
Debian 6 »Squeeze« 4.2.2 sesam-cli also available in version
Windows Server 2003 4.2.2
Debian 5 »Lenny« 4.2.1
SLES 11, SLES 11 SP1 4.2.1
Information sign.png Note
In SEP sesam Beefalo, SEP announced that it would no longer support SEP sesam Server on Windows Server 2008 R2. This desupport has been revoked. SEP sesam Server packages–72 and SP2 can be normally installed on Windows Server 2008 R2.

For a complete list of supported SEP sesam clients, see SEP sesam Support Matrix.