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How do I order a new licence?

To obtain a license, contact SEP sesam sales at SEP contact page or and provide the following information:

  • host name of the SEP sesam Server
  • IP address of the SEP sesam Server

To determine which specific names are used by SEP sesam (for example, if more than one network card is installed on the server), go to Help -> License Info in the SEP sesam GUI menu bar and check the details. Licenses are available immediately after your purchase or renewal is completed and will be sent to you by email.

License Info displays all licensed components which are currently in use. It also shows you the number of clients and modules needed by your configuration if your SEP sesam Server is currently running in trial mode.

Information sign.png Note
Some features require a special license, for example, SEP sesam Exchange Recovery Pro and SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro. SEP sesam licenses are issued on the basis of the size and requirements of your environment, so make sure that you are aware of feature/application specific licensing. For details on newly introduced licenses, see SEP sesam Exchange Recovery Pro license and SEP sesam SharePoint Recovery Pro license.

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