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This is not the latest version of the article and, as such, does not provide information on features and enhancements introduced in the latest release. For the latest documentation, check User Manual.

Tasks as List

The context menu Tasks as List shows a list of all configured tasks.

Tasks as list.jpg

By clicking Properties you can see the information of a selected task and also make changes to it. Alternatively you can double-click the backup task to open it.

Right-click menu
Right-clicking a backup task in the table shows a Context Menu with the following options:
Tasks as list properties.jpg
Shows the properties of the related backup task.
Immediate Start
See here.
New backup task
See here.
New restore task
The New restore task option opens the restore wizard, as described in Restore. If you select the restore from this location certain parameters will be pre-set. A task name will also be automatically assigned.
Copies the selected backup task.
Right-click on the backup task, which you want to delete and select Delete. Answer the following security question with Yes.

New task properties can be added to the list by a right-click on the table header and selecting the additional columns. The new columns will only be applied if the Save view button was activated.

The list can be printed using the Print button.