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How to set a log level

You can control the reporting (verbose) level of the backup and restore protocol by setting a desired log level on a per-task basis. The following log levels are provided:

Setting Log level details


  • print only standard and error messages together with summary
  • display a line for every item when its processing starts: 'sbc-3008: Info: Processing item: [xxx]...'
  • display a line for every item when its processing finishes: 'sbc-3108: Info: Item processed successfully: [xxx]'
  • display backup module processing information (with DB_API modules)
  • display underlying module processing XBSA and detailed DB_API modules
  • display packing data (mtf, cpio, sidf) trace messages

You can also change the logging level for SEP sesam modules in the <SESAM ROOT>/var/ini/debug.ini of the SEP sesam Server installation for specific module by selecting a value between 0-6 (0=ERROR, 1=EMERGENCY, 2=WARNING, 3=NOTICE, 4=INFO, 5=DEBUG, 6=TRACE).

Setting log level for backup

You can set the desired log level for each backup task in its properties:

  1. In the Main Selection -> Tasks -> By clients, select your client and double-click the backup task for which you want to define the log level. The task properties window is displayed.
  2. Click the Options tab and under the Additional call arguments in the Save options field, enter the desired verbose level in the form: -v <No.>. For example, setting the level to -v 3 will write information on the item's processing into the log file.
  3. Backup task log level.jpg

Setting log level for restore

By default, the log level for restore is set to 1 (-v 1) if 1000 or fewer items are selected. You can set the desired log level for each restore operation in its properties:

  1. From the SEP sesam GUI menu bar, select Activities -> Restore. The New restore task window appears.
  2. In the last Save and start step of the restore wizard, click the Expert options button. Under the Options from the Verbose level drop-down list, select the desired log level for your restore.
  3. Restore log level.jpg

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