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This is not the latest version of the article and, as such, does not provide information on features and enhancements introduced in the latest release. For the latest documentation, check User Manual.

Notification center

Notification center is used to dynamically send different types of messages – notifications from the SEP sesam Server to all open GUIs. These messages inform the user about license violations, not configured interfaces and include other important information, such as announcement of a new release or alert about an error, send via RSS feeds.

Notifications can be accessed from the upper right corner of the SEP sesam by clicking the Notification Center or from the menu bar -> Window -> Show Notification Center.

Notification center 4.4.png

All messages which are visible in the notification center need a response:

  • All dismissed messages will disappear from the Pending messages list.
  • If a message is accepted or postponed, it stays in the Pending messages list until they have been resolved (in case of accepted messages) or accepted+resolved or dismissed (in case of postponed messages).

SEP Tip.png Tip
To view the messages that were already resolved (accepted or dismissed), click the Show resolved messages button. The Resolved messages list is displayed under the Pending messages. This list contains all messages that have already been completed with details, such as the name of the user who resolved the message, optional comment, etc.
Notification center messages.png