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You can use the Check Access State option to make sure that you have access to your SEP sesam Client(s).

To determine if the client is accessible, i.e. to check if the SEP sesam software is present on the client, the network connection is working and thus the client is accessible from the SEP sesam Server, proceed as follows:

From the SEP sesam GUI

  1. In the SEP sesam GUI -> Main Selection -> Components -> Clients, right-click the target SEP sesam Client.
  2. Select Check Access State and click Yes.

Note that the availability of the update/install options depends on the update mode you have selected. If the Update mode is set to Turn off (hide from all users), the option Check Access state is not visible.

Checking the results in the SEP sesam GUI

You can check the results in Clients in the column Access State, Last Access and Last sesam Message.

If the Clients columns are not visible, right-click a column header and select the option Column Visibility. Then simply select the relevant check boxes to specify which columns should be displayed.

In the background, the command for checking the access state (see section below) is executed asynchronously.

From the SEP sesam Server command line

Run the following command on the SEP sesam Server console:

sm_update_client check_client -C r -c <client_name> -m SMSSH

where the option -C r means that remote access of the client should be checked and -m SMSSH means that ssh should be used to check the connection.

In SEP sesam Web UI

You can access the Web UI in one of the following ways:

  • When you run the SEP sesam GUI as superuser or administrator, the Web UI landing page opens by default with a link to the Web UI (and links to documentation, etc).
  • In the GUI, click the Dashboard icon on the toolbar. The Web UI is also available from menu bar -> Activities -> Dashboard or from Main Selection -> Monitoring -> Dashboard.
  • You can also access the Web UI by entering the following information in the address bar of your browser:

Use the SEP sesam Web UI left menu to navigate directly to Status (if not already displayed).

  1. Look for the Clients table: it shows the total number of clients, followed by the number of not accessible, disabled (Backup execution off), and upgradeable (New version available) clients.

  2. Click the number next to Not accessible clients. A new Clients table is displayed with the Access State tab active. If you click the name of a client in a row, all details about that client are displayed.

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