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Job State
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Backups by State

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This is not the latest version of the article and, as such, does not provide information on features and enhancements introduced in the latest release. For the latest documentation, check User Manual.

All Results by State

All Results window provides details of all jobs. You can open it from the Main Selection -> Job State -> All Results.

SEP Tip.png Tip
As of v. 4.4.3 Grolar you can use a force refresh by clicking Shift and Refresh button to clear the GUI cache memory. In some cases clicking only the Refresh button won't show the updated view.
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It shows the following information:

  • Job ID
  • Event Type: backup level, command, media, etc.
  • State: successful, active, error
  • Object (the name of the object being processed)
  • Task (the name of the task)
  • Start and end time of a job
  • Sesam date (Sesam day is a backup day you define according to your backup routines. For example, your backups can run after midnight but retain the backup date of the prior day. Sesam day/backup day is defined by time set in the NEWDAY event. For details, see SEPuler: SEP sesam backup day.)
  • Saveset (backup copy ID)
  • Client (the name of the client)
  • Drive (the number of the drive used by a job)
  • Data size
  • Throughput
  • Duration
  • Session ID
  • Pool (the name of the used media pool)
  • Message (record of the performed action, such as Backup completed successfully)
  • User comment

You can filter the results you want to display by clicking the Filter button on the far right side of the window.

Job state-results filter.jpg

The results can be filtered by:

  • Date Range And Clients
  • State: in progress, failed, successful, all states
  • Type: event (NEWDAY, backup, media, migrations, startup, command, group, restores) and backup level (full, differential, incremental, copy)