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Up to SEP sesam version 4.4.3 Grolar, it was only possible to deactivate a schedule. If you deselect the Execution option in a schedule, all events that are linked to this schedule will be deactivated. However, you may want to disable only a particular task group without deleting it permanently and without cancelling all other events related to the same schedule. In v. ≥ 4.4.3 Grolar, the option Execution off (previously Execution is blocked) in the task group properties allows you to temporary disable a task group (and enable it again if required). As of 4.4.3 Beefalo V2, you can also disable a task group during its creation.

Execution of a task group is enabled by default. You can disable a task group from running for a certain period of time by using Execution off option. When a task group is disabled, the tasks belonging to the group will not run on schedule nor can the group be run on demand by using the Immediate Start button. A disabled task group remains listed in the task groups list and appears with a special red cross (previously off) sign in its icon. You can enable a disabled task group again at any time by deselecting the Execution off option (see step 2).

You can also disable a single backup task from running in the backup task properties. For details, see Disabling and Enabling Backup Task.


  1. From Main Selection -> Tasks -> By Groups, double-click the task group you want to disable. The task group properties window opens.
  2. Click the check box Execution off (previously Execution is blocked) to disable execution of the task group. A dialog box will come up warning you that if you deactivate the task group it will not be executed at its appointed times in the schedule(s). Click OK to confirm deactivation of your task group.
  3. Task group execution Beefalo V2.jpg

A disabled task group keeps all its properties: it remains in the task groups list and is still assigned to the same schedule(s). It still appears by its name but has a special red cross (previously off) sign.
Executed task group Beefalo V2.jpg