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Step 5: Tasks - Select what you want to back up

In the Main Selection -> Tasks -> By Clients, select the location of your client and then the client which you want to back up. Right-click it and select New backup task.

In the New backup task window, specify the following:

  • Specify the Source. If you want to back up individual files, you can either browse for directories and files that you want to include in the backup or enter their names followed by a comma (no spaces), e.g., C:/Program Files/SEPsesam/var/db,C:\Users\AA\Documents\references. If you want to back up the complete file system, specify all as a backup source. Typically, by selecting the source the task type and task name are set automatically. A few special task types are rare exceptions and thus require a manual selection of the relevant type and specifying the task name.
  • A Task name is set automatically based on the selected source. You may change the Task name by typing over the existing name. If you specify your source by entering it manually rather than browsing, then you have to enter the Task name yourself. Give your task a meaningful descriptive name that clearly identifies it.
  • A Task type is also set automatically based on the selected source. If you specify your source by entering it manually rather than browsing, then you have to select the Task type from the drop-down list (the default is Path).
  • Optionally, you can specify the filenames or patterns which you do not want to back up in the Exclude list. For details on different exclude options, see Creating Exclude List. If you want to add a comment, enter it in the Notes field.
  • If you want to define additional options, such as the pre/post backup and restore commands, set encryption or compress data, specify the credentials to access the resources on the target client, add a task to the task group, or assign a task to the schedule, click the corresponding tabs in the New backup task window.
  • Click OK to create the task.
    You can deactivate a backup task to be executed, even if it is assigned to a schedule, by selecting the Execution off check box .

If you want to start the newly created task immediately, right-click the name of the task and click Immediate start. Otherwise, you have to schedule the task by clicking New schedule under Main Selection -> Scheduling -> Schedules. For details, see Creating a Schedule.

Once you have configured a schedule, you must create a new backup event for it. For details, see Creating a Backup Event.

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