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Step 4: Media - Data carriers

To prepare media (tape cartridges, removable drives, etc.) for SEP sesam, they must be initialized. The initialization process writes unique identification information to the media to be used by SEP sesam to perform backup and restore operations. The identification label is placed at the beginning of the media during physical initialization and is used for identification during backups and restores.

SEP sesam creates labels in the format <media_pool_name>nnnnn. Media belong to a media pool, where they are numbered sequentially. After installation, a media pool is created with the name of SEP sesam Server. You can configure new media pools in Main Selection -> Components -> Media Pools -> New Media Pool. For details, see Configuring a Media Pool.

  • In the Name field, enter a meaningful name for the media pool.
  • From the Drive group drop-down list, select the relevant drive group to which the media pool will be attached (e.g, Tape_Drives, RDS_LTO_Dives, etc.).
  • In the Retention time field, specify the time period for which the media are locked after initialization or the last backup, thus preserving the savesets and keeping them available for restore. The retention time is defined in days. For details, see Tape media EOL.

SEP sesam uses only media that are registered in media archives. To add media to the media archive (library), go to Main Selection -> Components -> Media -> click New Medium (Introduction) in the content pane. The Adding a New Medium window is displayed.

Select the media pool to which you want to add the media. Depending on that, SEP sesam configures a new medium. By default, the options Accept without initialization and Automatically assign next number are selected so that SEP sesam can determine a sequential number for the label, initialize the cartridge, and add the media to the database.

If you are adding a large number of media to a loader at once, use the automatic method; fill the magazine with raw media and then go to Main Selection -> Loaders, right-click the target loader and select Archive adjustment. For details, see Setting up Archive Adjustment.

The Archive adjustment window is displayed.

In v. ≥ Jaglion the corresponding media pool is already selected. In older versions you have to select it manually. Set the number of media from the number of media from 0 to n (e.g., for 6 media 0 to 5). Then select the option Automatic introduction, choose the appropriate tape type and click Start.

You can view the newly created media in the Main Selection -> Components -> Media.

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