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SEP sesam Help

The Help menu provides access to help topics online, email and link to SEP support, license information with an option to import new license, subscription to RSS feeds, and displays information about SEP sesam version.

Online manual

If a client is connected to the internet and has a web browser installed, clicking Online Manual opens the SEP sesam Wiki main page with the latest updated version of help topics online.

Contact support

Clicking Email opens a preset email with the email address of already loaded support. Email form provides the Attachment function, allowing you to attach log files to your emails directly from your SEP sesam Client.

To enable sending email with SEP sesam, you need to configure a valid email account (menu bar -> Configuration -> Email Settings). For details, see How to configure Mail Notification.

Clicking the button Attachment provides the list of log files for your SEP sesam Client. Select the relevant files and attach them to email when contacting support.

From the Directory drop-down list you can choose the needed directories from the SEP sesam Server. The log files are sorted chronologically in ascending order. The meanings of the tokens are described in the table below. All tokens start with the prefix gv_rw_ and all directories are under <SESAM_VAR>.

Token Directory Token Directory
db ./db glbv ./glbv
info ./work/info lgc ./log/lgc
lis ./lis not ./not
qm ./qm prepost ./prepost
prot ./prot sms ./log/sms
smslis ./work/smslis stpd ./log/sms
sbc ./log/sbc sbc_log ./log/sbc
sbc_times ./times tmp ./tmp
work ./work sel ./sel
ini ./ini

Clicking SEP Remote Support opens SEP online remote support page.

License information

Under License Info the local name of the computer and the TCP/IP address are shown as determined by the licensing module. This information is used to build a SEP sesam license.

You can also check the expiration date and upgrade validity of your license. Displayed are all licensed components which are currently in use.

To import a license, click the button Import New License. A new window opens prompting you to paste a valid license file sm_lic.ini from clipboard or by using the file manager to browse and select the required license as .ini or .zip file. After you pasted your license, click Apply to enable it.

SEP sesam version information

About SEP sesam shows the core build and version numbers, i.e., the GUI client, the GUI server and SEP sesam kernel.

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