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Exclude with File Patterns

Exclude with Regular Expressions


When creating exclude lists with regex, pay attention to which SEP sesam version you are using. Version Jaglion V2 SP1 introduced a changed syntax for regexp excludes to separate excludes for files and directories. However, because the changed syntax for regexp excludes caused the old syntax to be ignored on Linux for directories, Jaglion V2 Service Pack 2 (SP2) reset exclude processing to the previous state (to the default behavior before the change in exclude syntax processing).

When you create a backup task in the GUI, you specify the source for your backup and define any files or patterns you want to exclude from backup. Note that if the number of files to be excluded from the backup exceeds the allowed length for the exclude list, you should set up custom exclusions by adding files, file types or regular expressions in the Exclude list editor. On Windows, you can also use the option Pattern exclude (see Exclude with File Patterns); on Linux, it is only possible to exclude with regular expressions (regex exclude). For more details, see Creating Exclude List.

The exclude list on the SEP sesam Linux Client can also be used as an include list by specifying the + (plus) sign at the beginning of a pattern. For details, see Advanced Backup and Restore Options.
  • Backing up /var without /var/tmp but with file or directory /var/tmp1:
  • Backing up /var without any file or directory */tmp*:
  • Backing up source /usr avoiding *.o, *.tmp, a.out, old*.c and old* files and directories:
 \.o$, \.tmp$, /a\.out$, /old.*\.c$, /old.*$

  • Backing up /usr without /usr/var/spool and /usr/var/log:
 \./usr/var/spool$, \./usr/var/log$
  • Avoid all syslog####.log files and directories:

For more RegExp examples, see RegExp: Examples for Excluding Matched Patterns.

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