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Icon archived docs.png Welcome to the SEP sesam documentation version 4.4.3. Note that this is not the latest version of SEP sesam VMware documentation and, as such, does not provide information on the latest features. For the most recent documentation versions, check VMware latest.

As of SEP sesam version 4.4.3, different types of restore and recovery can be performed from almost any type of VMware backup. Check the following chart to learn what applies to single file (SF) restore and VMware instant recovery (IR), which backup type supports it and how it relates to the disk size usage.

Single file restore (SF) & and instant recovery (IR) support matrix for v. 4.4.3 Note

Backup type GUI option SF-IR option.png

YesY (enabled) or YesY (disabled)

Changed Block Tracking (CBT) usage Total disk size of VM (GB) Occupied disk size (GB) Backed up disk size (GB) Support for SF & IR possible
FULL YesY CBT is not used for FULL backup – a raw backup of VMDK is performed. However, CBT is used for subsequent INCR & DIFF in the same backup chain. 100 60 100 YesY (also with INCR/DIFF)
FULL YesY CBT is fully utilized. 100 60 60 YesY (also with INCR/DIFF)
COPY YesY CBT is not used. 100 60 100 YesY
COPY YesY CBT is not used. 100 60 100 YesY
  • Support for SF & IR regardless whether the GUI option VM single file and instant recovery is enabled or disabled only applies to version ≥ 4.4.3. Note that when performing a FULL backup with SEP sesam 4.4.3 and the GUI option Single file restore & and instant recovery is enabled, changed block tracking (CBT) is not used, which will increase the size of backed up data (see above chart).
  • For versions ≤ 4.4.2, SF & IR is only supported with VM single file and instant recovery option enabled.

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