SEP sesam Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for Windows via Pre/Post

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With the Volume Shadow Copy Service opened files can be backed up under Windows. Thereto by Windows a snapshot is taken of the partition and then backed up.

THis description uses SEPsesam Pre-/Post-Interface for SEPsesam Version 3.0. A description for SEPsesam Version 3.4 is located under SEP sesam Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) for Windows.

System Requirement

  • Client operating system: Windows 2003
  • Sesam server from version 3.0
  • Sesam client from version 3.0



Open the file sbc_pre.cmd with an editor and make the following entries:

rem === please insert here your specific actions before backup ===================
IF %task% == "shadow_backup" C:\programme\sepsesam\bin\sesam\CreateShadow.cmd C: X: 

It's important to check that a drive with the identification X: is not assigned. It can be displaced anytime by another drivecharacter which is free.

Open the file sbc_post.cmd with an editor and make the following entries:

rem === Please insert your specific actions here =====================================
IF %task% == "shadow_backup" C:\programme\sepsesam\bin\sesam\RemoveShadow.cmd

Aktivation of the shadow-backups

After the configurations establish a new backup-task for the client, this should be made like in the example for the pre and post configuration with the name "shadow_backup", so the pre and post actions will only be executed for this task.

As source for this task take the choosen drive, in the example X:. Set the check marks for the pre and post handling under Options 1. Only then both interfaces will be executed.

Removing the Backub "X:"

After the backup the created shadow will be automatically removed by the post handling.

This backup should also be used for systempartitions, where SEP sesam recognizes opened sbc files and therefore with warnings can not backup them.