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SESAM BACKUP CLIENT FOR NETWARE FILE SYSTEMS, VERSION: 4.0R6 Build: 1.1125 20130215 13:11:03 Linux i586 buildfix

Important Notice:

To support Groupwise 2012 the SEP sesam Server must be updated to a version equal or higher 4.2.1.x.

Important Bugfix

Scanning for modified files during differential and incremental backups was incorrect in Version 3.0. This problem was fixed in version All Sesam NetWare clients should be updated to a higher version than version [1] to avoid possible data loss, because modified files are not saved during differential or incremental backup.


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=4.2R1 Build: 1.1283 20140207:

  • BUGFIX: (#16791) eDIR Backup doesn't work on OES11 SP2 because of a name change - Allow browsing with old 'Novell Directory': map to 'NetIQ Directory'
  • NEW: Check filter item during restore
  • NEW: Support restore level '-l list' to display content of saveset
  • BUGFIX: (#16562) DisplaySelectionList() Use strlcpy() with strlen(dest)+1 to avoid truncation of exclude pattern
  • BUGFIX: (#15859) GroupWise 2012 Backup based on TSAFS -> Size of GW folder was displayed with wrong size. Now extra 'du' command is used to get the size
  • BUGFIX: (#16487) GroupWise 20xx GW object type may be displayed as [TMP] instead of [PO] or [DOM] - Now check via server=.../{binary} either 'gwpoa' or 'gwmta'
  • BUGFIX: (Ticket#2013090980000071) Do not use Target Service (TS) name from -N "<SMDR>:<TSA>:<TS>:<User>:<Pass>:0|1" if set to TSA host name to allow mapping to first available Target Service name
  • BUGFIX: (#16378) Netware Restore into folder with Umlaute converted Umlaute into wrong UTF-8 encoding - If locale is set to UTF8 encoding then use target without extra convestion into UTF-8 encoding
  • change: Print 'sbc-3019 OS Info ...' in case of sbc_smdr (may be the proxy OES oper system)
  • BUGFIX: (#16242) GroupWise 2012 backup does not contain folder WPGATE. Now the exclude list is reduced to: '/*/wpcsin/,/*/wpcsout/,/*/mslocal/,/*/wptools/,/*/ofwork/,/*/oftemp/' to allow the backup of folder domain_directory\wpgate
  • BUGFIX: (Ticket#2013060780000123) The default throughput timeout interval 300s was never displayed
  • BUGFIX: (#15688) Netware NSS File Systems Client browsing of directories with Umlaute/Unicode not supported - Do not convert if local is set to 'C'
  • BUGFIX: (#15688) Netware NSS File Systems Client browsing of directories with Umlaute/Unicode not supported - Do not convert given source to UTF-8 if local charset is already UTF-8
  • BUGFIX: (#15983) Correct parsing of '-S' parameter. If a firewall port range was set, then parsing has failed completely.
  • BUGFIX: (#15965) Exclude directory only if exclude pattern ends with '/'
  • BUGFIX: (#15649) Browsing of GW Sources: If --home path is configured with ending '/' then this must be ignored during matching
  • bugfix: (#15853) Use 'uri parser' for parsing '-S' parameter
  • CHANGE: (#15649) Support GW2012 on non NSS volumes - Do not show non nss volumes on cluster resource
  • CHANGE: (#15650) GroupWise 2012 Backup based on TSAFS -> Browse and selection of subfolders or files should not be possible
  • CHANGE: (#15649) Support GW2012 on non NSS volumes - To avoid browsing of clustered GroupWise resource on non clustered node the nameSpace is checked and if nameSpace is not NFS a nssvol resource must map to the path
  • NEW: (#15649) Support GW2012 on non NSS volumes - Instead of checking resource path via 'sm_client dir' and mapping to NSSVOL resource check resource path via connected file system TSA
  • change: If a startup file cannot be read then do not end with error bcz startup file may be located on a different resource which is not mounted on current node
  • bugfix: (#14217) If relocation path is given with '-o PATH=...' then parsing relocation argument '-R ...' will overwrite it
  • NEW: Correct parsing of 'http://' prefix in sbc for Novell
  • BUGFIX: (#15391) Novell plain restore - Now files are restored into target directory, subdirectories are skipped
  • change: Skip item if relocation was requested but no pattern matched
  • bugfix: If called with special option -o PATH=... then set implicite the relocation delimiter to new '==::==' to avoid interpretation of delimiter ':'
  • BUGFIX: (#14217) Path reduction not supported for Novell File System - Now the -R {relocation...} is processed similar to sbc unix


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=4.0R6: Support GroupWise 2012 browsing and backup based on TSAFS on Non NSS Volumes



  • Support GroupWise 2012 browsing and backup based on TSAFS on NSS Volumes
  • (#15716) TSA NetWare always restores to original location (path relocation available)



SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=4.0R3: BUGFIX: (#14530) If Visible Target Service Agents TSA has a different name then the wrong file system TSA could be used


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=4.0R2: Browsing of NetWare Resources improved, in particular for 'Linux [Cluster] File System':

  • CHANGE: Avoid not necessary level '/' for 'Linux [Cluster] File System'.
  • CHANGE: Browsing with size of resources, e.g. volumes


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=4.0R1: change: Browsing adapted for 'Linux Cluster File System'

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=2.0A11: BUGFIX: Since version 1.8R36 a cluster failover was not longer executed

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=2.0A10: Support for TSA 'Cluster iFolder Store' even if TSA is set to 'iFolder Store'

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=2.0A9: Support for different BufferSizes to retrieve Novell SMS data

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=2.0A8: In case of none 'file system' TSA, e.g. 'GroupWise System' a resource which differs from node name, e.g. IP instead of node name was not retrieved


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=2.0A4: BUGFIX: If NWSMTSConnectToTargetServiceEx() returned with error 'Login denied' then backup failed even if retry was successful with 'sbc-3053: Info: Operation failed!


  • bugfix: Do not call NWSMTSCloseDataSet() for not yet opened data sets
  • CHANGE: Do not set TSA specific open mode NWSM_PRESERVE_ACCESS_TIME (locking problem on some OES)

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R36: NEW: Allow use of 'NetWare File System' even for 'Linux [Cluster] File System' TSA

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R35: CHANGE: Last version 1.8R34 added extra trace line "NWSMTSScanNextDataSet returned ccode 0X00" for every call of NWSMTSScanNextDataSet()

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R34: CHANGE: On NetWare 5.x first NWSMTSReadDataSet() could fail and sbc could break with 'XBSA Call failed with message: System ...'

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R33: BUGFIX: If customer configured server name with lowercase then backup could fail bcs lowercase didn't match with uppercase servername

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION 1.8R32: BUGFIX: Changes in version 1.8R31 disallowed browsing. Now browsing is done with LONG name space.


  • NEW: DIFF/INC/SINCE backup uses two scans to get all created and all modified items since last backup
  • NEW: Option '-o uncompress' expands compressed data during backup (scanType EXPAND_COMPRESSED_DATA)

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION 1.8R30: BUGFIX: To support NetWare 5.60 without name space UTF8 the given source will be used without converting to UTF8

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION 1.8R29: BUGFIX: Problem during FULL/DIFF/INCR backup for NetWare 5.x bcs. check for Archive Bit Support failed: NWSMTSGetTargetResourceInfoEx() returned error code 0XFFFEFFFB NWSMDR_UNSUPPORTED_FUNCTION

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION 1.8R28: NEW: Open Mode for Backup with NWSM_PRESERVE_ACCESS_TIME will allow use of HSM Storage tools

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION 1.8R27: Support for TSA 'GroupWise Cluster System' with full cluster support

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R26: Novell NDS / eDirectory: Special handling for nameSpaceType NWSM_DIRECTORY_NAME_SPACE

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R25: BUGFIX: Since last version 1.8R24: Getting SMDR Version Info for Requestor and Responder before connecting to TSA

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R24: In case of Restore with mode overwrite and file is in use then try to delete this file - if overwriting fails then count as warning

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R23: Trace for SMDR Version Info for Requestor and Responder and SMS Module Version Info

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R22: If called with -o skip_data then datastreams are skipped (TSA Open Mode Value NWSM_NO_DATA_STREAMS) and only trustee rights are restored

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R21: BUGFIX: Restore on OES Linux with different location failed due to nameSpace mismatch

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R20: Restore of many files could be aborted due to memory leak.

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R19: Relocation could fail due to mismatching name spaces. Use LONGNameSpaceUtf8Type as default.


SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R18: BUGFIX: Avoid printing 'Try to reduce dataSetNameList' for every processed item

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R17: BUGFIX: Version SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R16 does not allow to save resource 'NetWare Server' and had a memory leak which leads to an abort when saving more then 1 million files



  • BUGFIX: Changed files were not saved in DIFF/INCR backups due to wrong scan setting.
  • CHANGE: Full support for -T {since} switch.
  • CHANGE: Avoid excluding archived files in case of FULL/DIFF/INCR backup.

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R15: BUGFIX: In case of path length > 256 and cluster file system the realloc for cluster path was wrong and execution could core dump

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R14: Retry if NWSMConnectToTSA() fails 10 times, whereas last 5 retries are done with a random delay of 1 to 30 seconds

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R13: Support Cluster Switch for OES Linux with NWSMTSScanDataSetContinue(...)

SBC_NETWARE_VERSION=1.8R12: BUGFIX: Restore on real NetWare server could fail after "ReadDEFiles: recordSize == 0 do not read buffer" with sbc-1500 NWSMTSWriteDataSet: (0XFFFEFFFE) "(SMDR-6.55.0) An internal error has occurred. An invalid parameter was passed"