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SEP AG has discontinued support for obsolete SEP sesam versions. Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version. For the latest version of SEP sesam documentation, see documentation home.

SEP sesam Release 3.6

New Systems Now Supported

  • Windows 2008 R2
  • SuSE Enterprise Server 11
  • Debian Lenny

Withdrawn Sesam Server Support

SEP sesam Server package installation and support is no longer offered on the following systems:

  • SLES 7
  • RHEL 3
  • FreeBSD 5/6
  • all Linux with glibc < 2.1
  • Windows 2000
  • OpenSuSE 10.3 (this was never officially supported)

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages. For a definitive list of supported SEP sesam Clients please see SEP sesam Support Matrix

End of maintenance announcement for older SEP Sesam versions

  • Maintenance for SEP Sesam version 3.4 will end on 31. Dec 2010. This does not affect SEP sesam client packages for which there are no newer versions available.
  • Maintenance for SEP Sesam version 3.0 will end on 31. Dec 2009. This does not affect SEP sesam client packages for which there are no newer versions available.

End of Support

Support for SEP sesam Server 3.0 will end on 31. Aug 2011. For supported operating systems and client support see the SEP sesam support matrix

Known Issues

  • Attempted interrupts of migrations and restore will not work, they will continue until completion.
  • Saveset Copy and Migration functionality has been enhanced.

Attention Saveset Copy and Migration

Functionality has been enhanced. Existing migration tasks are now entered into new tables during database update. However it is recommended that you check for all previously entered migration tasks after the update in the GUI.

Included Sesam extensions

The following Sesam extensions are now included in all base installation packages:

  • MySQL
  • Open LDAP
  • Open-Xchange
  • Scalix
  • Zarafa

So there is no longer a requirement to download them from the extensions directory.

New features

Backup status

More flexible display of backup results.

  • Select only results of a task or task group
  • Tree table to show only backup group results
  • Hide migrations and media result entries
  • Visible columns can be selected

Command Line Interface

SEP sesam can now be configured completely by command line. Please read the Command Line Interface documentation


The 'saveset' migration has been completely redesigned. In particular, more selection filters have been added:

  • Task
  • Task group
  • Media label

Migration now uses its own internal database tables and no longer uses those from the restore function.

Enhanced GUI logging

All GUI actions are now logged on SEP Sesam server side


New SEP sesam module for online backups of Ingres databases.

Media read check

The new function Media read check allows regular 'read verification' checks of written media.


  • Online help now links to SEP WIKI.
  • For Novell clients login information can be entered task based. This is useful if eDirectory and filesystem backups require different authorization.
  • Selection of backup source for VCB by GUI is possible.
  • The Client browser can be used to select an MS SQL database as a backup source.
  • The new window Job State - Media Actions allows you to get an overview regarding media related actions, e.g. introduction of a media.
  • All Job State - xxx windows are redesigned to allow individual adaption of visible columns, sizes and filters.
  • The spinners for date time and the underlying calendar function are improved, e.g. usability and only valid entries are accepted.


  • Faster restore from DISK devices
  • Datamover can now be used for Novell backups on Linux, as well. This allows Failover support on clustered Novell Linux Open Enterprise servers.
  • In case of a backup of a task type which does not support DIFF/INCR the level is automatically adjusted to backup level COPY.
  • As sbc for Windows is now fully supporting file names coded with Unicode the special Windows task type win32-unicode with backup command sbc_uc.exe is removed. In case of an update the tasks with type win32-unicode will remain but as soon as Windows clients are updated to version 3.6 the task type in the already defined backup tasks should be changed into 'Path'.
  • If a Windows backup protocol ends with state warning due to open files then the use of VSS Snapshots should be taken into account. In general backups should be configured to end with final state successful and all other states must be avoided.
  • Windows System Tray is fully redesigned and now available on x86 and x64, see

Fixed Issues

You will find the complete change report generated by CVS in the download center.

  • Media could be overwritten during migration.
  • Set semaphore before modifying sms.ini file to avoid corruption, if more then one sm_config_drive process is working on it (e.g. Cluster).
  • Restart media init, if tape trailer could not be read. Avoids failed backups because data couldn't be appended on tape.
  • Check for fatal hardware errors from sm_loader and return with error in this case, instead of increasing EOL of medium and requesting next one.
  • Adjust EOL of a backup medium only, if new EOL is after current EOL.
  • Don't remove LIS files of migrated savesets if saveset is already in state 'M'.
  • Speed up display of restore tree in 'Restore Wizard': Call all functions by reference instead of value because copy of input structure requires too much time.
  • For generation restore: Avoid selection of files from generation select file including saveset id in file name.
  • Allocate only real line length of LIS file, instead of maximum line length to avoid out of memory problem during creation of select list.
  • Do not kill init script itself during /etc/init.d/sesam restart on SEP sesam client.
  • Improved transfer of selected file list to RDS. Old transfer of file list was time consuming if a huge amount of files was selected.

System requirements

  • Java Runtime Environment >=1.6 for SEP sesam server and GUI
  • .NET Framework 2.0 Redistributable (x86)/(x64) for SEP sesam server (New system Tray): Microsoft Download: (x86) (x64)
  • min. of 2 GB free disk space


  • Before starting the update of the SEP sesam Server version make sure that SESAM_BACKUP has been executed successfully.
  • Check for a valid update license.
  • JRE 1.6. - Please check the Sesam/JRE support matrix.
  • The communication between Sesam Server and GUI has been changed, therefore the Sesam GUI client must be updated after the server update, as well.
  • Note: The Sesam GUI from 3.6 will no longer connect to a 3.4 server.


SEP sesam GUI Jar file has been divided into two parts. So the JAVA 'Class Path' must be changed:





Update Notes for Debian etch

If upgrading a sesam server on Debian etch, please ensure you have installed a valid sun-java6-bin or openjdk 6 Package, otherwise apt-get dist-upgrade will remove an existing Sesam Server installation due to unmet dependencies!


You will find complete CVS change reports here

v3.6.4.27 (Linux/Windows)

GUI V3.6 Build 5 R 1.7460

  • BUGFIX: Show client name in ClientDialog title (was missing when master mode off).
  • BUGFIX: (#10356) Correct wrong calculation of the next execution in the English GUI for the case 'last weekday'
  • BUGFIX: set right column header text for en GUI, when removing a conflicting drive
  • BUGFIX: set media.eol greater than year 2010 fixed
  • BUGFIX: A SQLQueryException occurred in TaskGroupDialog when pressing OK and a group name is missing.
  • BUGFIX: Correct the "probably free" filter in media table
  • BUGFIX: (#10356) Correct wrong calculation of the next execution in the English GUI for the case 'last weekday'
  • BUGFIX: A SQLQueryException occurred in TaskGroupDialog when pressing OK and a group name is missing.
  • BUGFIX: set right column header text for en GUI, when removing a conflicting drive
  • BUGFIX: (# 10368) The duration of a schedule was no more stored correctly when the value was greater than one day
  • BUGFIX: Correct offset handling of from_date - to_date distance
  • BUGFIX: Correct the "probably free" filter in media table
  • BUGFIX: (Ref #9889) The label list in the restore wizard was incomplete if a generation restore based on an incremental backup was done.
  • CHANGE: Fill the 'to date' combo box in the by status frames with all possible values; adjust the from_date selection if to_date is earlier than the from_date selection, keeping the offset difference.
  • CHANGE: remove opportunity for removing a by event conflicting drive. (hide yes button in dialog for continue)
  • CHANGE: show disaster recover function as button in toolbar
  • CHANGE: remove opportunity for removing a by event conflicting drive. (hide yes button in dialog for continue)
  • CHANGE: Fill the 'to date' combo box in the by status frames with all possible values; adjust the from_date selection if to_date is earlier than the from_date selection, keeping the offset difference.
  • CHANGE: Proof additional key gwuser when getting the licenced number of scalix users


  • BUGFIX: (#10144): Fix generation restore with migrated savesets
  • BUGFIX: (#10144) Selective restore: Don't select files from LIS matching only the begin of selected item. Change in version 1.361 didn't fix problem completely
  • BUGFIX: (#10144) Use start time of original saveset to build Full/Diff/Incr chain, in case of migrated savesets
  • BUGFIX: (#10166) Don't release 'find_load_backup_medium_' semaphore after 'i_CHECK_BACKUP_MEDIUM', but keep it until medium is really loaded. Else following backups will not recognize tape label change from GET_VOLUME (bugfix is in: sm_sbc_com_lib.c
  • BUGFIX: Avoid failure 'The descriptor is not a socket.' (WSAENOTSOCK) if sm_ctrlc is called on Windows with option -d (double) (Reason: SOCKET is unsigned)
  • BUGFIX: If serv_get_tape_label() was called with Disposition 'E' (called when tape is mounted for WRITE) then after reading TapeTrailer tape was rewinded(!) bcs. reading TapeTrailer overwrites Disposition in union structure BCK_MESSAGE
  • BUGFIX: In 'repair' tape trailer: Reset blocksize to 64k before reading tape header. If blocksize is not 64k, header willnot be recognized correctly
  • BUGFIX: Open saveset for read on disk: Accept increased segment number (happens if first data block was writtenafter another open saveset call has already increased segment number)
  • BUGFIX: Declare return value from 'fork()' as 'size_t' instead of 'BOOL',because else return can become negativ. Move 'signal_handler' from 'stpd_main.c' to u_proccess.c as 'stpd_signal_handler'
  • BUGFIX: Check if stpd port range is really set after listen port,to avoid core dump. ( for example 'server:11001,')
  • CHANGE: SMS_VERSION=3.4R36 If sm_stpd process is signaled twice with SIGINT then terminate sm_stpd.
  • NEW: Check block sequence during restore, skip duplicate blocks
  • NEW: Set mail spool dir for Cyrus IMAP dynamically
  • NEW: (#10056) For Ingres and ORIGINAL is set: Check for '@' in target (=backup source) to set target path correctly ( File backup or Checkpoint ).

Kernel Windows Specific

  • BUGFIX: sm_os_startup.cmd mit kill für sbc_com_interface.exe, sm_sbc_com_ext.exe und sm_sbc_com.exe
  • CHANGE: CTRLC_LIB: bugfix: Allow use of quotes in arguments together with CTRLC_LIB, e.g. '-a move="qs_mssql2008":"C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\qs_mssql2008_2.mdf"'


  • CHANGE: Set default wait before sending OOB signal to 50 msec.

CTRLC Windows Specific

  • BUGFIX: Avoid failure 'The descriptor is not a socket.' (WSAENOTSOCK) if sm_ctrlc is called on Windows with option -d (double) (Reason: SOCKET is unsigned)
  • BUGFIX: To avoid reuse of same port setsockopt( SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE ) is recommended on Windows

SBC.EXE (Windows)

  • BUGFIX: Since Kit version system_state backup failed on Windows 2000: no RegSaveKeyEx() is available so load it now dynamically from advapi32.dll
  • BUGFIX: xbsa.dll : Call #10243 Access to the requested object is not possible. bind() failed() (10048) Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. Now Socket bind in xbsa.dll with explicit setsockopt(SO_EXCLUSIVEADDRUSE).
  • BUGFIX: (#10029) w2kss.dll: Since Visual Studio 2008 using wstring without method c_str() to convert into wchar_t* could lead to a core dump during system_state backup of NTDS on Windows 2008 x86

SBC DB2 (Windows)

  • BUGFIX: (#9732) On x64 platform long has size 8 bytes so 'typedef long BSA_Int32' must be changed into 'typedef int BSA_Int32' and resp. 'typedef unsigned int BSA_UInt32' otherwise xbsa structures will have different size and DB2 backup will fail with: BSACreateObject: ObjectName.objectSpaceName is empty
  • BUGFIX: Avoid coredump of db2, if backup is interrupted by Sesam.


  • BUGFIX: (#10273) MS SQLServer 2000 needs restore log with command 'RESTORE LOG ....' so g_sSBC_Argument.eLEVEL must be set to BACKUP_INCREMENTAL in case of SI... saveset (again). Only in case of SEL restore the level is unchanged.

v3.6.4.22 (Windows)

GUI V3.6 Build 5 R 1.6868

  • BUGFIX: The EOL symbol was sometimes incorrect (depending on the selected date) in the media dialog
  • BUGFIX: (#9587) select year for schedule fixed
  • BUGFIX: Ref #9889 GUI did not show the correct used media labels in Restore Wizard when selecting generationsrestore with a incremental save set.


  • BUGFIX: Correct call of REMOTE_CMD for 'restore_journal', so LIS files are copied from smslis to lis directory (sm_recover_lib.c


  • BUGFIX: Avoid dependency to Microsoft VC Runtime MSVCRT 8.0 by just using libraries which are compiled with Visual Studio 2008 (9.0)
  • CHANGE: Reduce messages about processed hard links
  • BUGFIX: If working on x64 but MSSQLServer is installed only as x86 then first char of database name was skipped during browsing

v3.6.4.21 (Windows)


  • BUGFIX: (#9926) sm_ctrlc failure "Cannot start child process: WIN32 API error: 193 - %1 Is not a valid application. Executable: [C:\Program Files\SEPsesam\bin\sesam\sm_ctrld]" if file 'C:\Program' exists.
  • CHANGE: Single port communication is the default for sm_ctrlc and sm_ctrlc_lib!
  • CHANGE: sm_ctrlc usage adapted:
 sm_ctrlc [-l <auth_user>] [-o port[range]=<firstport>-<lastport>] [-p <port>]
          [-d] [-s] [-t <timeout>] [-v <verbose_level>] <ctrld_host> <command>


GUI: V3.6 Build 5 R 1.6707

  • BUGFIX: When using locale en_GB then no Sesam protocol or status are monitored.
  • BUGFIX: (#9811) (sbcmsql.dll) Allow client source browsing for MS SQL Server Cluster sources


  • BUGFIX: (#9146, #9842) Error during access to Sesam database with wrong message "damisql ..." on VISTA and Windows Server 2008 x64:


  • BUGFIX: Store every Windows hard link with complete data and link information to allow correct restore of hard linked files! Recommended since Windows Vista!
  • BUGFIX: Support of AES256 on Windows
  • NEW: Use of default exclude section SBC_EXCLUDE with 'numbered keys' in sm.ini file:



  • BUGFIX: (#9564) On Linux the direct positioning to a following segment for DISK media could fail and restore ends with 'Data Synchronization lost'. On Windows now with direct positioning on DISK media.


  • BUGFIX: (#8701) Exclude items even for items with Umlaute (Lotus Notes, etc.)
  • CHANGE: (#9644) Avoid message 'wcstombsl: failed to convert' during restore.
  • BUGFIX: Handling include patterns for restore now correct by using MatchRegExpW() or MatchPatternW() depending on SM.INI setting [SBC_OPTIONS] EXCLUDE_MATCH=REGEXP (default) or EXCLUDE_MATCH=PATTERN
  • BUGFIX: Relocation for Lotus Notes was not executed properly


  • CHANGE: Version 1.17: If Devices.ini does not exist then try to call CbmrCfg.exe to create it


  • BUGFIX: >CLI: modify migrationevent fixed, >CLI: check, if restoreevent exists, when modify action will be used
  • BUGFIX: prevent deleting a mediapool, when it is still in use by mediapoolevents and show conflicting mediapoolevents
  • BUGFIX: (#9197) Delete task 'Backup Options' with CLI


  • BUGFIX: (#9596) hide button 'report' in menubar and disable 'readability check' option for mediaevent, and when no license for 'media read check' is available
  • BUGFIX: (#9472) fixed occupancy error in media dialog
  • BUGFIX: prevent invalid unicode chars '²', '³' input for, add invalid chars to StringControlFilter
  • bugfix: (#9523) blanks in a restoretask name are not more allowed.
  • CHANGE: direct replace of invalid blanks to '_' inside restoretask name
  • BUGFIX: use also the schedule day of endDate ('period of validity') for weekly calculation set time from period of validity to 0h:00m:00s till 23h:59m:59s
  • bugfix: (#9587) refresh schedule exec date, when schedule validity duration will be changed


  • CHANGE: (#9393) Correct backup result message, if there are no tasks in a task group
  • BUGFIX: set 'DB_OS_LEN' to hold 'Windows Server 2007 R2'
  • BUGFIX: (#9515) Correct handling of '-J <task group>' switch. Fix problem that no savesets are found, if task group is set in migration event. If set in migration task, selection is OK
  • BUGFIX: GUI selective restore with Restore Wizard: If low and high characters are converted to ASCII and squeeze removed some '/' then write() was checked with wrong logic and a TR with unsufficent arguments lead to core dump
  • BUGFIX: sm_qm_main could be blocked if a 'show' request was received and sm_qm was not able to connect to from_qm_{pid} pipe within 3 seconds. Now algorithm will tolerate such situation by skipping output after 6 seconds wait time
  • BUGFIX: (#9694) - sm_notify ALL_JOBS_DONE auf einem w2003 funktioniert nicht: If path to java executable contains blancs, e.g. 'C:\Program Files' (given in sm.ini [JAVA] java_interpreter=...) then execution of sm_smtp failed
  • BUGFIX: RMI Startup failed: (sm_main) hCreateProcHandle() generate full qualified executable by fetching first word from command after bindir to avoid problem with blancs in path of bindir on Windows, e.g. sm_ctrld_main.exe could not be started bcs. installed under 'C:\Program Files\SEPsesam' and 'C:\Program' exists
  • BUGFIX: Auf Windows 2008 x64 kein Browsen von VMWARE Sourcen möglich: Ursache VMWARE nur als x86 Applikation > Registry Hive SOFTWARE\\Wow6432Node


  • BUGFIX: sm_system_tray Version Setting sm_system_tray.exe in Registry to start automatically for user was not implemented properly
  • change: If GUI link does not exist, e.g. for a true client installation, then do not show menu item 'Start SEP Sesam GUI' and do not show Setting/GUI
  • change: set default for sm_main status polling to 30s (instead of 5s)
  • BUGFIX: Call sm_main status with '-v 1' to avoid creation of many sm_main subprocesses due to high sm_main log level
  • change: if called with 'sm_sytem_tray -bg' then do start in background



  • GUI Update of jar file on GUI client on MS Windows is now able to rename jar files automatically. Functionality is available after next update of jar files.
  • BUGFIX: (#9208) update migrationtask table, when changing the 'from/to date' from an existing migrationtask
  • BUGFIX: (#8287) The Restore Wizard used a wrong saveset after sorting.
  • BUGFIX: The "from-to" date fields in the restore wizard were not filled correctly when locale set to en_GB.#


  • BUGFIX: (#9545) Set default giLogToFile = lNOLOG; (not lDEBUG) so if debug.ini is not present (on client) then do not log (sm_main)
  • BUGFIX: (#9492) Selective restore: Don't select files from LIS matching only the begin of selected item. If '/tmp/foo.xls1' was selected in GUI, then '/tmp/foo.xls' was restored too. Now check, if file read from LIS file is a directory (bcs. we still want to restore parent directories). (sm_restore)


  • NEW: GUI configuration with MasterGUI switch (-M 0/1), enabel global exception handler (-X 0/1) and GUI Server (-S {rmi_host}) (sm_system_tray Version


  • SBC_WIN32_VERSION=3.4A7 (#9496) Retry relocation with UTF-8 converted path to support Umlaute and other localized chars



  • CHANGE: show important columns for bystatus and media treetables, when user set default table layout
  • BUGFIX: fill treetables with correct data, when data come for several servers (remote and local server)
  • BUGFIX: (#9488) update drive-tree, when removing a drive
  • CHANGE: Use parameter '-X 1' for GUI to enable global exception handler
  • BUGFIX: An unexpected error message box was shown when closing the TaskByStatus mask.


  • BUGFIX: (#9296) Call 'getlabel' before 'open saveset for read' to get tape ID in case restore starts on a following medium. Without reading label selective restore could fail, because parsing of segment file doesn't work correctly (search for wrong tape ID)
  • BUGFIX: (#9491) If configured device name is longer then 20 chars then Tape Label entries for further tapes could not be fetched and first tape label was inserted into LIS file instead of following one.


  • BUGFIX: Since revision 1.70 Sesam version v_3_4_1_41 sm_auto_conf_hw did not work for RDS
  • BUGFIX: German License text: 'Installationsdatum: %s, Dauer: %s Dog' now with 'Tage'
  • BUGFIX: On some systems sm_slox_lis produced corrupt LIS files for SLOX/OX backups due to wrong awk version. Now sm_reformat_lis is used for SLOX/OX too.
  • BUGFIX: DISK_HARD Volumes: In case of windows path notation with ending '\' produced shortened media names (first char disappeared) and an archive adjustment produced wrong disk media folder
  • BUGFIX: In case of long device names the lis file does contain wrong following tape labels. Now check 'Tape ID' against 'Tape Label' and if they do not match then set correct Tape Label from Tape ID (sm_restore)
  • BUGFIX: If java exists under gv_ro_bin or if not then if it is set in sm.ini under [JAVA] with java_interpreter=... then executable for java should be set with such value and not via PATH (sm_smtp)
  • BUGFIX: (#9511) Don't try to copy leading BSR Windows saveset, because it is only a dummy with no real data saved. Copy of this saveset will always fail and reported as error in GUI migration results view
  • BUGFIX: In case of windows path notation with ending '\' CREATE_SHOW_LIST() produced shortened media names (first char disappeared) and an archive adjustment produced wrong disk media folder (fetched from rev. 1.183)
  • BUGFIX: Remove all restore protocols of a restore task, if restore task is deleted
  • CHANGE: Do only write into Event Log if an error occured (sm_stpd, sm_passd)


  • BUGFIX: (#9326) Call 'pg_dumpall' without option '--format=custom' because because this option is only available for 'pg_dump'
  • BUGFIX: On some systems sm_slox_lis produced corrupt LIS files for SLOX/OX backups due to wrong awk version. Now sm_reformat_lis is used for SLOX/OX too (fetched from rev. 1.691


  • BUGFIX: Backing up Zarafa Mailboxes did not store all mailboxes even if backup ends with state 'successful'
  • BUGFIX: In case of 'GroupWise System' the encrypted password was not passed to -N option


  • BUGFIX: Exchange Mailbox backup failed due to wrong DB_GetItem() API processing (since

GUI V3.6 Build 4 R 1.6162

  • BUGFIX: #9394 fix searching zarafa mails in restore wizard
  • BUGFIX: fill treetable with new algorithm (faster repaint) hold tableview, if treetable refreshes
  • BUGFIX: The GroupDelDialog was not shown if no task data was in the list.
  • CHANGE: show description of refresher button in all bystatus dialogues
  • BUGFIX: The localized string TaskGroupDialog.Title_Task_group_ was unused (missing trailing "_")
  • BUGFIX: #9376 - translate german lables in English gui
  • CHANGE: Client Browser with correct icons for 'Exchange Server' and 'Exchange Server Single Mailbox'


  • BUGFIX: Fixed the cli operation 'start restore auto' with restoretask parameter


  • BUGFIX: SBCMSQL.DLL (Call #9324) - SQL Server 2005 Backup of Cluster Database in Failover Cluster failed, now with full qualified database name {server}/{instance}/{database} clustered database resource could be backed up
  • BUGFIX: GetSMSDriveStatus: Supply correct error message if sm_client command returned with failure (Call #9233)
  • BUGFIX: GetSMSDriveStatus() Avoid hanging on SEMA get_sms_drive_status_{drive_num} if sm_client command failed and sm_loader retries eGetSMSDriveStatus()
  • BUGFIX: Allow diff/incr for Scalix snapshot backup again

GUI v3.6 Build 4 R 1.6015

  • BUGFIX: add wildcard '*' to policy user checker, example: permission de.sep.sesam.gui.server.AdminPermission "*@myhost";
  • BUGFIX: sort media table to locked until column and modify locked until date for media fixed, remove double entries and refresh media table correctly


  • BUGFIX: SBC_WIN32_VERSION=3.4A5 Backing up SPARSE files could result in an endless loop. Therefore backup media could be written till Sesam day change.
  • BUGFIX: SBC_WIN32_VERSION=3.4A5 sbc restore with relocation for pathes with > 260 chars (reappeared in
  • BUGFIX: (#9261) If backups were aborted by Sesam 'day change' then only every second day the email for ALL_JOBS_DONE was sent.
  • CHANGE: VCB Change logic of '-a compact=' switch because 'vcbmounter' needs '-M 0' to compact disk image.

GUI V3.6 Build 4 R 1.6013

  • BUGFIX: (#9206) Windows for DISK-CHNG creation closed after asking for 'path'
  • BUGFIX: The ESX Server tree view was no more switched in the restore wizard
  • BUGFIX: (#9138) Remember Restore Client and Target in restore wizard, even if 'back' button is used
  • BUGFIX: (#9096) Set right tooltip text for cyclic refresh table button (mediabystatus, restorebystatus)
  • BUGFIX: (#9212) Fixed parse all blocks/size columns with Long instead of int
  • BUGFIX: (#9188) Activate uncaught exception handler
  • CHANGE: Show all result entries for migration and restore, when no filter is set


  • BUGFIX: Supporting DISK_CHANGE media again (since 3.4)
  • BUGFIX: Migration using task_group filter selected all savesets.
  • BUGFIX: SPARSE files appeared with prefix 'Security_Catalog' in LIS file
  • BUGFIX: GUI could not display media filled up with more than 4 TB.
  • CHANGE: Creation of new devices could be time consuming (waiting for perf_... files)
  • CHANGE: Migration retrieves saveset information from table results. Old algo tried to read some information from table tasks.
  • CHANGE: Archive adjusting for shared drives improved - less time consuming.

Windows SBC.EXE

  • BUGFIX: System_State Restore could fail (since
  • BUGFIX: Flat restore could produce wrong file names (since

v3.6.4.8 (Windows)

  • BUGFIX: sbc restore with relocation for pathes with > 260 chars
  • NEW: Support for 'Windows Server 2008 R2' - entry in Sesam Database to show correct OS in GUI.

v3.6.4.7 (Windows)

  • BUGFIX: Exclude pattern matching did not work properly
  • BUGFIX: Restore with pathes > 260 chars could fail
  • BUGFIX: During restore after MTF stream was completely processed the last processed block was checked again and if block started with a 4 letter MTF stream ID then further processing failed.


  • First released 3.6 Kit.