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Docs latest icon.png Welcome to the latest SEP sesam documentation version 4.4.3. For previous documentation version(s), check Documentation archive.


SEP sesam NEWDAY is a predefined SEP sesam daily event that resets the backup event calendar and is managed by the SEPuler. It is accessible under schedules: Main Selection -> Scheduling -> Schedules. A NEWDAY event is used by SEP sesam to reorder its database and enable uninterrupted activity of SEP sesam processes, therefore it must never be completely deactivated or it will cause SEP sesam to stop working properly. See NEWDAY-event roles.

How does it work – defining a backup day

NEWDAY is used to cancel all pending jobs from the previous day and to define a new backup day. All SEP sesam protocol and log files are created with the date of the backup day.

If a NEWDAY event is set for 08:00, the backup day is defined from 8 a.m. of the current day to 8 a.m. of the next day. Backups that run after midnight – the actual date change – are 'time stamped' with the previous day's date in order to avoid the creation of two backups for the same data (one save set for day 1 and another for day 2).

With SEP sesam NEWDAY, all media backed up from one day have the same date. SEP sesam NEWDAY gives system administrators flexibility to extend backup routines to run after midnight and retain the backup date of the prior day. This is very useful when the computers requiring backups exceed the time allotment between the end of day and midnight.

Weekends are often used for full backups. When this is the case, it is advisable to skip the NEWDAY event on weekends. Define the execution as a weekly event but without execution on weekend to enable scheduled full backups to be performed. Backups can be arranged in shifts.

SEPuler newday event.png

Other NEWDAY-event roles

Besides resetting the event calendar and setting a new backup day, NEWDAY also performs the following:

  • Depending on SEP sesam version, the NEWDAY behaviour is slightly different when it comes to cancelling active tasks.
    • In v. 4.4.3 Tigon, NEWDAY event may or may not abort any active tasks. This behaviour is defined by selecting the check box All Events in the Schedules -> NEWDAY event properties -> Parameter tab.
    • Newday checkbox.png

    • In v. ≤ 4.4.3 aborts all running backups (data created after NEWDAY belong to the next backup sequence). This is especially useful in complex network environments when alerts are not transmitted to the backup server. These backup tasks, which would otherwise remain suspended, are terminated by the NEWDAY event.
  • Deletes files and database entries for save sets which no longer exist.
  • Finalizes the SEP sesam status and daily log files.
  • Reorganizes the SEP sesam database.
  • Advances the event calendar (SEPuler) by one day.
  • Restarts the SMS- and STPD-processes.
Information sign.png Note

To ensure error-free execution of the SEP sesam backup environment, SEP NEWDAY should never be completely deactivated. Switching NEWDAY off prevents SEP sesam from reordering its database. SEP sesam will no longer be able to delete old log files and will cause the system to exceed system disk drive storage.


Backup day is defined from April 10th 2017 from 08:00 until April 11th at 08:00. This means that a backup starting on April 11th 2017 at 00:40 will be assigned to backup day April 10th 2017 and will appear in the daily protocol as 20170410.