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This is not the latest version of the article and, as such, does not provide information on features and enhancements introduced in the latest release. For the latest documentation, check User Manual.


Monitoring drives shows the drive queue. By selecting all (*) or selecting the desired drive number from the drop-down list, followed by clicking the Refresh button, the information about the queue is displayed. A queue is managed by a queue manager (QM). SEPuler and some other internal processes send their tasks as jobs to the queue manager which coordinates the execution. The jobs are processed according to their priority. The required queues are created by SEP sesam during the configuration of drives.

First, initialization of queues takes place. Then it is determined which job in a queue will first get access (submit) to a busy device. The job limit (channels) of the queue defines the amount of simultaneously running tasks. At the time a task is scheduled to run, it is placed in a queue and executed as soon as possible according to its priority. If the scheduled task cannot run because of the job limit of the queue, it is put in a pending state. For more details on priorities and what happens with pending tasks, see the SEPuler.

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