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Information sign.png Note

SEP sesam provides SEP sesam Jaglion beta version as a test program. This means that Jaglion beta is provided on an "as is" basis and without warranty! Beta version may contain errors and bugs and may cause problems that could lead to system failures and data loss. THEREFORE, SEP sesam BETA IS NOT INTENDED OR SUITED FOR PRODUCTIVE USE! By downloading, installing and using SEP sesam beta software, you acknowledge that you are aware of the beta release version status and agree that the use of the beta version is entirely at your risk. SEP AG excludes all liability for any claims, losses and damages arising out of use of beta version. Also excluded is the liability for used third-party products and for any data loss due to SEP sesam beta software-related system or hardware failures. If you do not agree to these terms, DO NOT INSTALL OR USE THIS BETA VERSION.

Testing SEP sesam Jaglion beta

If you are interested in testing the beta version, please register as a beta tester by email to beta@sep.de. To learn about new features, check the Release Notes 5.0.0 Jaglion. Then read the following notes and hints that can help you to get started with your BETA test.

Known issues and limitations

Information sign.png Note
Antivirus programs may disrupt network communication and cause SEP sesam processes, such as backup and replication, to fail. One program that is known to cause SEP sesam processes to terminate is Sophos Firewall with IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) enabled. Make sure that there are no antivirus, firewall, IDS or IPS programs preventing interaction with SEP sesam.
5.0.0 Jaglion known issues:

Severity: SECURITY

SEP sesam v. 5.0.0 – (Windows) STPD automatically disables the HTTPS port on Windows
  • (Applies only to Windows) The Sesam Transfer Protocol Server (STPD) automatically disables the HTTPS port if CPU instructions are missing due to unsupported AVX. Consequently, the SSL key and certificate cannot be created.
Workaround : Make sure that you use CPUs with supported AVX versions (AVX, AVX2 or AVX-512) as well as FMA3 (Fused Multiply-Add 3-operand Form) or FMA4 (Fused Multiply-Add 4-operand Form). For the list of supported AVX versions, see Advanced Vector Extensions.

Severity: MAJOR

SEP sesam v. beta – Single file restore (SFR) of VMs fails with warning
  • VM SFR fails with the following warning: 'Warning: Saveset not created' because 'tmp/mnt' directory is excluded.
Workaround: SEP is working on this issue and will provide a fix as soon as possible.
SEP sesam v. beta – STPD shutdown may hang
  • The Sesam Transfer Protocol Server (STPD) occasionally hangs during service shutdown due to incorrect signal function.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.

Severity: MINOR

SEP sesam v.– betaInitial Seeding functionality temporarily removed
  • As using the Initial Seed option to set up a new Si3 deduplication store for replication resulted in an apparently successful setup, but no data was replicated, the Initial Seeding functionality is no longer available in version
SEP sesam beta – Backing up a VMware .vmx file may fail due to a line that is too long
  • Backing up VMware virtual machine configuration (.vmx) file may result in a Segmentation fault (core dumped) error if a line is too long. (The long line comes from the appInfo feature of the VMware tools.) Consequently, the backup of the VMware configuration fails.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.
SEP sesam beta – Unable to browse backup source for Oracle VM
  • It is not possible to browse Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager (OLVM) client to specify the source and select the object(s) to be backed up.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.
SEP sesam beta – Unable to perform Hyper-V single file restore from RDS due to a failed mount
  • When performing Hyper-V single file restore from an RDS, SEP sesam fails to mount Hyper-V VM VHD on Windows RDS due to the wrong path to .map file.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.
SEP sesam beta – No Exchange Recovery Pro shortcut (RPEX) created when mounting the saveset
  • When performing Exchange single item recovery, the saveset is mounted successfully, but no RPEX shortcut is created on the Windows server.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.
SEP sesam beta – Restoring vSphere COPY backups with single saveset option does not work
  • When restoring VMware COPY backups with selected GUI option When run with backup level 'COPY', write all data into single saveset, the restore fails.
Resolution: Fixed with version 5.0.0.x.

Important fixes

Fixed with SEP sesam Server 5.0.0 Jaglion:
SEP sesam v. – Tape restore performance is slower than backup performance
  • When restoring from tape the performance is 2-3 times slower than the performance of the backup.
Resolution: Fixed; fill the second buffer while processing the first buffer, EOF handling adapted.
SEP sesam v. ≥ 4.4.3 – Si3S does not work in case of changed STPD port on the Client
  • SEP Si3 source-side deduplication (Si3S) backup of a client to a SEP Si3 deduplication store not work, if the STPD service TCP port on the client side (in sm.ini and/or stpd.ini) is changed from the default port.
Resolution: You can now set the STPD service TCP port on the client (client properties -> Options tab -> Listen port) to the new TCP port.


As you come across things that you miss or are not working properly during testing, spot various bugs and issues or have another comment, please send your feedback to beta@sep.de. We will be happy to hear about your overall experience and are looking forward to your suggestions for improvement.

Thank you for your partnership and for devoting your time to SEP sesam beta testing.

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