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This article describes granularity backup level for MS Exchange server up to version 4.4.1.x. Note that this is not the latest version of SEP sesam Exchange documentation and, as such, does not provide information on the latest features. See SEP sesam Exchange main page.

The Enhanced granularity backup level for Microsoft Exchange allows to set and check the level of retrieved items during backup which may be used as a select criteria during restore.

The possible granularity levels are:

Single Items
Retrieve all single items during backup.
Retrieve mailbox level (do not traverse into folders)
Retrieve only the Exchange Server mailbox databases.

When a backup granularity is set an implicit check for all necessary configuration steps is executed on the selected exchange server. If a required configuration is not set up then a Pop-Up messages appears and informs about necessary feature not installed.

Set Backup Granularity
with option '-a granularity=all|mailbox|none'

all=Single Items, mailbox=Mailboxes, none=Databases

Matrix of dependencies between granularity's level and feature must be installed
Granularity/Feature WinRM IIS Extension RPC over HTTP Proxy SEP user in the AD
Exchange 2013
Single Items (all) * * *
Mailboxes (mailbox) * *
Databases (none) * *
Exchange 2010
Single Items (all) * * *
Mailboxes (mailbox)
Databases (none)
Exchange 2007
Single Items (all) *
Mailboxes (mailbox)
Databases (none)

The Exchange 2013 requires the SEP user and WinRM to be set up in the system unlike to Exchange 2007/2010 (more details under "Powershell commands in the Exchange 2013/2010/2007").

Set HTTP Server
with -a server={http_server}