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  • BUGFIX: (#22512) Differential backup is supported for Kopano server.
  • BUGFIX: (#25017) Migration of a DIFF or INCR increases the EOL of the original FULL.
  • CHANGE: (#22320) EOL adjustment; increased backup EOL must only extend the EOL of savesets which have already the longest EOL.
  • BUGFIX: (#24618) Adjust EOL returns with error, if only a migrated saveset exists.
  • BUGFIX: (#23969) After replication the original media EOL is also updated.
  • BUGFIX: (#21527) EOL adjustment for migration tasks failed if previous FDI chained saveset is concurrently migrated.
  • BUGFIX: (#25218) Migration crash during EOL calculation of a very long FDI chain.
  • BUGFIX: (#24345) Migration main log is written twice.
  • BUGFIX: (#24448) Failed Citrix XEN backup is recognized as successful by ANALYSE_BACKUP_LOG() function.
  • BUGFIX: (#25235) SharePoint backup processes the content databases 20 times after installation of servicepack 2019-1.
  • BUGFIX: (#24804) Hyper-V INCR restore with custom snapshot fails with VSS_E_BAD_STATE.
  • CHANGE: (#24956) Specified source drive for saveset migration (copy) is overwritten by drive with access_mode 'read'.
  • BUGFIX: (#25168) Summary message of datastore fsck does not mention if corrupted data files were found.
  • BUGFIX: (#25253) backint for Oracle: Corret parsing of device, pool and task values returned by sbc_com, if values contain option parameter ('-d,'-m','-j').
  • BUGFIX: (#25035) Supported operating system Windows Server 2019.
  • BUGFIX: (#24860) All daemons except the sds have been set to on after update no matter what the original value was.
  • BUGFIX: (#25064) New BSR registry key for DiskImage 14.0 is missing.
  • BUGFIX: (#24654) sbc sporadically produces an application error during VSS file backup on Windows.
  • BUGFIX: (#24982) Linux syslog reports about 'unknown facility/priority', if SEP sesam disaster message becomes longer then 255 bytes.
  • BUGFIX: (#24970) SM_SMS_WATCH does not dismount tape drive when copying LIS from RDS.
  • BUGFIX: (#21291) Missing files in backup saveset of Oracle ZFS.
  • BUGFIX: (#24849) SM_SSH connection sporadically fails with "Error reading SSH protocol banner".
  • BUGFIX: (#24851) Backup of system_state may fail occasionally.
  • BUGFIX: (#24600) Queue manager may not work anymore after NEWDAY.
  • BUGFIX: (#24834) Do not delete files from SMSLIS directory on RDS older then one day as backups can run longer.
  • BUGFIX: (#24170) Oracle autocontrol backup is not restorable.
  • BUGFIX: (#24371) Citrix XEN backup fails after a NBD client cannot connect to server.
  • BUGFIX: (#24770) Manually specified restore drive is overwritten by drive with access_mode read.
  • BUGFIX: (#15188) Rescan Citrix Xen Server storage before start of the restore.
  • BUGFIX: (#17611) Restore; supported FORCE option to workaround possible problems with checksums in xva files.
  • CHANGE: (#24587) Enlarge 'DB:accounts.password' to CHAR(512). All other password columns are also changed to the same length.
  • BUGFIX: (#24698) Restore shows message invalid state 'X' in table migration_results if a state X is in the table.
  • BUGFIX: (#24846) Adjust the Generation lis file for Hyper-V generation restore.
  • BUGFIX: (#24720) Selective restore failed when the data is selected from the second tape and a parent directory from the first tape is added.
  • BUGFIX: (#24551) SEP sesam service shuts down if a data store directory runs out of free space.
  • CHANGE: (#25095) Increase wait time to get the backup stream for migration from 1 to 10 hours.
  • CHANGE: (#23448) Change the library build switch from NEWLIB to LIBVER and change the default to LIBVER=1 in the master. NEWLIB=0 builds use the old libraries.
  • BUGFIX: (#24257) Citrix XenServer does not handle correctly the master/slave configuration.
  • BUGFIX: Correct check of SEP sesam type (client, RDS..) used to detect, if source-side deduplication is allowed. Check has returned false for Linux every time.
  • NEW: Speed up SQL statement to get orphaned migration DB:results entries.
  • CHANGE: Do not reset operating system OES-Linux to LINUX. OES-Linux will enable Micro Focus (Netware) Credential tab in the GUI, but it will not be visible for LINUX anymore.


  • BUGFIX: (#25130) If you browse a Citrix XenServer and select the meta-data or host-backup the task type is set to path backup.
  • BUGFIX: (#25241) After changing the media pool in a backup event the read only drives are also selectable.
  • BUGFIX: (#24687) In the GUI with parameter -M1 only the master is shown in the table view.
  • BUGFIX: (#25163) Drive selection is disabled for immediate start of a saveset migration from results.
  • BUGFIX: (#24791) After adding a backup task to a schedule and changing backup level from FULL to INC then a wrong backup level is displayed - FULL instead of INC.
  • BUGFIX: (#25020) Trying to view a cancelled readability check results in GUI NullPointerException.
  • BUGFIX: (#24896) Manually changing task type causes an exception.
  • BUGFIX: (#24760) Allow change of RDS, if a new drive for a PATH data store is added.
  • BUGFIX: (#24606) Extend AD authentication to use free selectable OUs for AD user and groups.
  • BUGFIX: (#24830) It is not possible to change the path for data store in data stores - drive properties, of an existing drive.
  • BUGFIX: (#24752) GUI option Manage VM tasks allows to mark multiple VM tasks without existing VM for deletion, but it just deletes one.
  • BUGFIX: (#24740) Set source drive and source interface in migration events dialog read-only (in case of an immediate start).
  • BUGFIX: (#24724) Suppress flag for migration events isn't written to DB.
  • BUGFIX: (#24724) Relation between interface and drive is not correct after changing migration event.
  • BUGFIX: (#24693) Exchange path restore may overwrite original data when a New restore target is selected.
  • BUGFIX: (#24706) Task type selection Hyper-V ends in NullPointerException.
  • BUGFIX: (#24704) NPE (NullPointerException) for unknown reason when changing task type.
  • BUGFIX: (#24628) NPE (NullPointerException) when expanding properties of a RDS single tape drive.
  • BUGFIX: (#24652) Migration using the same drive group and multiple drives in the group is not possible anymore.
  • BUGFIX: (#24613) Do not allow selection of SPARE pools for the migration source or migration target.
  • BUGFIX: (#24158) RHEV task type is not shown by client source browser anymore. SP1

Fixed Vulnerability: Paramiko vulnerability (CVE-2018-1000805)

SEP sesam uses Paramiko for the SM_SSH access mode. Paramiko contains an incorrect access control vulnerability in SSH server that can result in Remote Code Execution (RCE).
Paramiko versions 2.4.1, 2.3.2, 2.2.3, 2.1.5, 2.0.8, 1.18.5, 1.17.6. contain an incorrect access control vulnerability in SSH server that can result in RCE. This attack appears to be exploitable via network connectivity. The vendor has confirmed the vulnerability and fixed the security flaw. This issue is listed as CVE-2018-1000805 in the MITRE CVE dictionary and in the NIST NVD.


  • BUGFIX: (#24586) Problem: GUI package on Windows 32 Bit system fails due to Java 64 Bit check. Solution: On a Windows 32 Bit system Java 32 Bit is now accepted.


  • BUGFIX: (#24384) Changing the saveset EOL of the source of a migrated saveset doesn't work right. Problem: When changing the saveset-EOL of the migrated saveset, the saveset-EOL of the original saveset will also be changed.


  • BUGFIX: (#24388) Micro Focus restore of a migrated DIFF backup could fail with 'System detected error, operation aborted'.


  • BUGFIX: (#24443) Restore fails if no data from first tape is read.
  • BUGFIX: (#24434) Positioning the tape takes too long - restore timed out after 1 hour.
  • BUGFIX: (#19267) XEN: restore does not work if original VM exists and is renamed
  • BUGFIX: (#19889) Backup of Citrix XEN can fail, but is reported as successful.
  • BUGFIX: (#24580) CBT restore of Citrix XEN host gets stuck in queue when stream limit is set to 1.
  • BUGFIX: (#23416) Selective Restore from migrated NDMP saveset failed with 'Cannot find matching LIS line for item'.
  • BUGFIX: (#24367) The BSR PRO backup-log is partially decoded incorrectly. Problem: Since version 3.3.185 (12.3.185) the output is not longer UTF16 encoded.

Fixed Vulnerability: Paramiko authentication bypass in the SSH Server (CVE-2018-7750)

SEP sesam uses the SSH implementation Paramiko for the SM_SSH access mode. A vulnerability in Paramiko could allow unauthorized access to SEP sesam.
Cause in the SSH server implementation of Paramiko does not properly check whether authentication is completed before processing other requests. By using a customized SSH client, an attacker can skip the authentication step and gain unauthorized access to resources on the SEP sesam system. The vendor has confirmed the vulnerability and fixed the security flaw in Paramiko. This issue is listed as CVE-2018-7750 in the MITRE CVE dictionary and in the NIST NVD.


  • BUGFIX: (#24265) NetApp NDMP restore to volume different than backup Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24251) GUI uses wrong backup source for RHV Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24158) RHV task type not shown by client source browser Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24245) Special character '&' in backup source or password field is saved as '=' Note 1
  • CHANGE: (#24225) Allow mount options for Hyper-V FULL Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24205) Browsing folders with umlaut characters not possible Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24197) After update, master server GUI does not start Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24156) The task dialog takes up to 10 seconds to open Note 1
Note 1

Fixed with sm_ui.jar.


  • BUGFIX: (#24166) Program execution may get stuck with SEP sesam ONE. Problem: The overall resource limit was not set properly. Note 2
  • BUGFIX: (#24201) Media read check starts two jobs. Note 3
  • BUGFIX: (#24174) Migration does not find any savesets, if the number of copies value is set. Select statement for PostgreSQL does not work for NULL values in 'DB:results.saveset_exist' column. Note 4
Note 2

Fixed with sm_config_drives. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 3

Fixed with sm_sepul_event_sm_arch. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 4

Fixed with sm_copy. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Citrix XenServer

  • BUGFIX: (#24214) FULL backup of XenServer 7.1 CU1 throws unhandled exception while enabling NBD on network interfaces Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24275) Copy backup fails with "TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable" Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24216) Incremental backup fails with VDI_IN_USE Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24194) XenServer restore renames the original VM and does not recover the imported template Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24185) Citrix XenServer restore in v. Grolar does not find imported template if backup was done in SEP sesam v. Tigon or earlier Note 5


  • NEW: sbc_one: allow restore of NFS based VM volumes Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24299) If VM has context options set then restore fails with 'Error initiating VM creation' Note 5
  • NEW: (#24301) OpenNebula: Search for virtual disk saveset, like for vSphere or KVM Note 6
  • BUGFIX: Citrix Xen restore: Check for running main task correctly and do not try to get a queue resource Note 6
  • BUGFIX: (#24247) sm_sshd could not execute commands including Unicode characters. Problem: High ASCII characters are encoded to current locale. If charset does not provide similar character then it is substituted with '?'. Note 6
  • BUGFIX: (#24180) No BSR backup is available for restore in BSR quick start if at least one BSR backup of a group has failed. Problem: The session must not be checked for Windows BSR Pro. Note 6
Note 5

Fixed with sbc_proxy. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 6

Fixed with sm_sbc_com. Download the required Linux or Windows version.


  • BUGFIX: (#23982) Restore of a file with alternate data streams fails to restore the file content (here: ADS stream, Finder tags)
  • BUGFIX: (#19582) Incremental backup of MSSQL DB stuck sporadically. Problem: The SQL command CHECKPOINT is truncated.
  • BUGFIX: (#23887) Restore of files 'C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Sum\' in Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 failed due to UTF-8 conversion


  • BUGFIX: (#24124) Java NullPointerException (NPE) when starting Immediate Command Event. Problem: Server connection is not initialized, when set start time.


  • BUGFIX: (#23998) sm_update_client shows wrong SEP sesam Server version info directly after SEP sesam Server update.


  • BUGFIX: (#23780) Update of SEP sesam Server is successful, but the MSI Installer crashes.


  • BUGFIX: (#24131) DB update fails, because of invalid entries in DB:result_lbls. Problem: The customer had very old (2011) invalid label entries with "Woche00" which could not be treated as pool + label with 5 digits!