Change report 5.1.0 Apollon

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Change Report for Apollon V1

Updated: September 11, 2023 | The purpose of this change report is to list the changes, enhancements and fixes in the SEP sesam software. Apollon

Change report
  • BUGFIX: (#32534) Wrong relocation parameter for VMDK restore set if VM name/VMDK path contains '.'
  • BUGFIX: (#32455) Migration of migration could fail with 'Invalid segment number' if 'DB:result_lbls' contains failed migration entry. Check for 'DB:result_lbls.saveset=0' in 'iFIND_MEDIUM()' function
  • BUGFIX: (#32209) Race condition reading 'sm.ini' on Windows. Problem: x_Rename() must use MoveFile() if target file does not exist.
  • BUGFIX: (#25497) Implement higher timeout of VDI connection for MSSQL operations.
  • BUGFIX: (#32297) Core dump sm_data_server and sm_stpd_http_conn after error allocating a memory. Solution: Check size before strcpy()
  • BUGFIX: (#31450) Next execution time is calculated incorrectly during winter to summer time change. Solution: Reduce one hour, except for a schedule that should start in the missing hour, e.g. at '2:30'. The hour - e.g. '2' - must be stored in next_exec to be used for the next calculation, e.g. add 2 hours to '2:30' results in '4:30'. READ_SINGLE_TERM() modified next_exec by calling tim_s2i()
  • BUGFIX: (#32443) INC backup is not possible because of special F-D-I migration constellation. Problem: EOL of origin backup saveset was gone but saveset still exists. Solution: Do not retrieve already gone saveset use migrated saveset on other pool in that case.
  • BUGFIX: (32488) Sesam alarm interface script fails with NPE up from 5.1 when sending mail for a failed backup, because log file could not be found. Use log file name for Windows set already by 'sm_backup' directly. For Linux use the given message from parameter $2 as mail body and add the log file as attachment instead of putting it in the mail body.
  • NEW: (#32415) Windows backup fails with 'Not supported Microsoft reparse tag 0x80000023'. Solution: Add support for IO_REPARSE_TAG_AF_UNIX - Linux (WSL) UNIX domain socket
  • NEW: (#32467) Windows backup fails with 'Not supported Microsoft reparse tag 0x00000036' (IO_REPARSE_TAG_CITRIX_PM). Solution: Add support for IO_REPARSE_TAG_CITRIX_PM - Citrix Systems for profile management
Microsoft SQL Server
  • NEW: (#31049) Enhance backup chain check for MSSQL log backup. Solution: Use the basic saveset which is given in the saveset info to retrieve previous backed up log last_lsn number
  • BUGFIX: (#32526) MSSQL incr log backup ends with unequal lsn number on a database. Solution: Improve LSN check: Log backup must not take care about previous Diff backups, only check if previous basic incr saveset last_lsn == first_lsn, if previous backup was a full then first_lsn <= full last_lsn+1 <= last_lsn and in case of Diff check database_backup_lsn == Full checkpoint_lsn
  • BUGFIX: (#31821) MSSQL backup ends with (Arithmetic overflow error converting numeric to data type varchar).
  • BUGFIX: (#32465) Removing a saveset or backup with saveset state 'ERROR' also deletes good copies of the same backup
  • BUGFIX: (32508) vSphere incremental or differential backup use wrong "change blocks". When the VM path contains an umlaut or another unicode character, the CBT information of the last disk is written to all CBT files.
  • BUGFIX: (#32483) MS-SQL tasks generated by automatic task generation don't add instance names to backup source
  • BUGFIX: (#32516) Compressed mail attachments have no file name extension.
  • BUGFIX: (#32550) An exception occurs when opening the properties of a virtual client and the associated VM cannot be found
  • BUGFIX: (#32547) Several reports ignore replications of type 'Catalyst Replication' when collecting data
  • BUGFIX: (#30100) sm_cmd download log sesam fails with "CLI: The todays sesam log file does not exist (File not found)"
  • NEW: (#32487) MS-SQL task generation now reads all databases from all instances and creates appropriate tasks Apollon

Change report
  • BUGFIX: (#16605) Python zip files are not overwritten if they have been modified
  • BUGFIX: (#32040) Restore of a Nutanix VM ends with Unable to find created vm
  • BUGFIX: (#32212) Backup could be started twice with same saveset id
  • BUGFIX: (#32270) Hyper-V RCT INC/DIFF backup is much slower than FULL
  • BUGFIX: (#32286) Restore from migrated saveset chain fails with RETR failed. 1020: Invalid SMS Block type. (0)
  • BUGFIX: (#32332) sm_reformat_lis doesn't create logical DB name and path lines in LIS file for MSSQL backups
  • BUGFIX: (#32349) sm_qm_main is broken due possible race condition when using del_entry
  • BUGFIX: (#32371) GUI does not show some migration events at all, but execution is done
  • BUGFIX: (#32374) Migration using Sesam 5.1 fails with checksum error, if backup has been created Sesam <=5.0
  • BUGFIX: (#32377) Migration with sub-saveset ends with EOL warning, because active migration are not checked correctly
  • BUGFIX: (#32382) Migration from SQLite to PostgreSQL failed due to a space in the db_pg folder
  • BUGFIX: (#32385) Sesam CE report must not be sent for demo licenses if user has not allowed it
  • BUGFIX: (#32389) Automatic DB2 log backup fails after a while due to overflow in file descriptors
  • BUGFIX: (#32413) Replicated saveset may be removed again by purge due to race condition
  • BUGFIX: (#32416) Sepuler stops working because of too many open files
  • BUGFIX: (#32398) If VM name contains spaces and special characters, vSphere incremental or differential backup may fail
  • BUGFIX: (#32380) Loader inventory via CLI fails with API error
  • BUGFIX: (#32376) Migration of group via follow up just searches for parent savesets
  • BUGFIX: (#32360) Default setting for delete saveset after migration is on using German GUI client
  • BUGFIX: (#32359) Break of all running actions options is incorrectly set in UI newday dialog
  • BUGFIX: (#32350) Hyper-V restore: Changing the target node does not have any affect
  • BUGFIX: (#32335) Backups with Sesam date without newday are not shown in UI
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