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  • BUGFIX: (#24124) Java NullPointerException (NPE) when starting Immediate Command Event. Problem: Server connection is not initialized, when set start time.


  • BUGFIX: (#23998) sm_update_client shows wrong SEP sesam Server version info directly after SEP sesam Server update.


  • BUGFIX: (#23780) Update of SEP sesam Server is successful, but the MSI Installer cores.


  • BUGFIX: (#24131) DB update fails, because of invalid entries in DB:result_lbls. Problem: The customer had very old (2011) invalid label entries with "Woche00" which could not be treated as pool + label with 5 digits!


  • BUGFIX: (#24265) NetApp NDMP restore to volume different than backup Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24251) GUI uses wrong backup source for RHV Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24158) RHV task type not shown by client source browser Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24245) Special character '&' in backup source or password field is saved as '=' Note 1
  • CHANGE: (#24225) Allow mount options for Hyper-V FULL Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24205) Browsing folders with umlaut characters not possible Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24197) After update, master server GUI does not start Note 1
  • BUGFIX: (#24156) The task dialog takes up to 10 seconds to open Note 1
Note 1

Fixed with sm_ui.jar.


  • BUGFIX: (#24166) Program execution may get stuck with SEP sesam ONE. Problem: The overall resource limit was not set properly. Note 2
  • BUGFIX: (#24201) Media readcheck starts two jobs. Note 3
  • BUGFIX: (#24174) Migration does not find any savesets, if the number of copies value is set. Select statement for PostgreSQL does not work for NULL values in 'DB:results.saveset_exist' column. Note 4
Note 2

Fixed with sm_config_drives. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 3

Fixed with sm_sepul_event_sm_arch. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 4

Fixed with sm_copy. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Citrix Xen

  • BUGFIX: (#24257) Citrix XenServer does not handle correctly the master/slave configuration Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24214) FULL backup of XenServer 7.1 CU1 throws unhandled exception while enabling NBD on network interfaces Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24275) Copy backup fails with "TypeError: 'int' object is not iterable" Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24216) Incremental backup fails with VDI_IN_USE Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24194) XenServer restore renames the original VM and does not recover the imported template Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24185) Citrix XenServer restore in v. Grolar does not find imported template if backup was done in SEP sesam v. Tigon or earlier Note 5


  • NEW: sbc_one: allow restore of NFS based VM volumes Note 5
  • BUGFIX: (#24299) If VM has context options set then restore fails with 'Error initiating VM creation' Note 5
  • NEW: (#24301) OpenNebula: Search for virtual disk saveset, like for vSphere or KVM Note 6
  • BUGFIX: Citrix Xen restore: Check for running main task correctly and do not try to get a queue resource Note 6
  • BUGFIX: (#24247) sm_sshd could not execute commands including unicode characters. Problem: High ASCII characters are encoded to current locale. If charset does not provide similar character then it is substituted with '?'. Note 6
  • BUGFIX: (#24180) No BSR backup is available for restore in BSR quick start if at least one BSR backup of a group has failed. Problem: The session must not be checked for Windows BSR Pro. Note 6
Note 5

Fixed with sbc_proxy. Download the required Linux or Windows version.

Note 6

Fixed with sm_sbc_com. Download the required Linux or Windows version.


  • BUGFIX: (#23982) Restore of a file with alternate data streams fails to restore the file content (here: ADS stream, Finder tags)
  • BUGFIX: (#19582) Incremental backup of MSSQL DB stucks sporadically. Problem: The sql command CHECKPOINT is truncated.
  • BUGFIX: (#23887) Restore of files 'C:\Windows\System32\LogFiles\Sum\' in Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016 failed due to UTF-8 conversion