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Release Notes

  • - 31st Juli 2017


Note: If a customized 'Default view' is deleted then this 'Default view' is reset to the SEP sesam factory settings.

  • BUGFIX: (#22329) Default view of "status->results" couldn't be adopted any more
  • CHANGE: (#22314) GUI must inform about EOL adjustment in case of reduce or increase of save set or backup EOL
  • BUGFIX: (#22310) Tape encryption is not set, but encryption flags are set correctly (UI part)
  • BUGFIX (#22294) Restore at customer system wasn't possible - ERROR: Cannot find matching LIS line for item [...] -> Umlaute and unicode characters in SEL File on Windows were not written in UTF-8 encoding!
  • BUGFIX: (#22251) Changing EOL of replicated savesets fails. Problem: wrong mediapool will be used for command 'adjust eol', when datastore is type 'SI3-EXTERN'
  • BUGFIX: (#22165) GUI starts selective restore as full if the client is a vSphere server.


  • BUGFIX: (#22311) Restore of hardware encrypted saveset on tape fails with "Failed to read from tape. System error."
  • BUGFIX: (#22310) Tape encryption is not set, but encryption flags are set correctly
  • BUGFIX: (#22309) Core dump in 'sm_sepul_event' during start of backup tasks.
  • BUGFIX: (#22177) MSI does not replace Si3 jar files when copied manually.
  • BUGFIX: (#22200) BSR backup fails over HTTPS. Solution: Supported with new OO_VERSION=11_1_160
  • BUGFIX: (#22302) sm_backup cores with long INCR save set chains.
  • BUGFIX: Si3 replication: Fix search string to find out reason for failed replication.
  • BUGFIX: (#21741) Data store purge: Remove 'DB:results' entry, even if '.data' file couldn't be deleted
  • BUGFIX: (#22245) Set VMWare restore options in 'DB:defauls' correctly, so GUI will offer enhanced restore methods0
  • BUGFIX: (#22263) EOL adjustment for failed Backup Tasks must not increase EOL of savesets on other pools. Problem: Do not use savesets on other pools. Solution: Check for recent saveset on same pool. Note: Subsequent savesets of FDI chain may exist on other pools (14.07.2017)
  • BUGFIX: (#22265) EOL adjustment for failed Backup or Migration must be activated via default entries 'eol_adjust_failed_backup/migration', Default:no
  • CHANGE: (#22266) EOL adjustment: In case of failed Backup/Migration the EOL adjustment must not be called if a saveset with sufficient EOL exists
  • NEW: (#22044) Mount saveset: Prefix main log messages with 'INFO', so they will be shown in GUI during mount process
  • BUGFIX: (#22239) IBM Domino DIFF Backup is not working. Solution: Improved handling of NotesTerm() and NotesInit()
  • BUGFIX: (#22211) VSS Hyper-V Backup fails with API error: CVssServer::CreateSnapshot: Virtual machine is located on CSV and non-CSV volumes.
  • BUGFIX: (#22163) Hyper-V restore fails with: RestoreProcessing: Unexpected error: Call Detect() is failed for file descriptor.
  • BUGFIX: (#22171) Hyper-V starts COPY Backup only. Problem: FULL and INCR are executed as COPY. Solution: Set missing_cfdi='d' for Hyper-V during update if $old_version >
  • BUGFIX: (#22212) Si3 replication: Check for queued replication tasks using same data store as target. Before only tasks using 1st drive configured for target store have been started
  • BUGFIX: (#22137): RHV module: Do not allow to select multiple VMs during browse
  • CHANGE: (#22207) Purging a saveset takes too long.
  • BUGFIX: (#22188) SQL 2008 Backup fails with: 'Could not find DB with 'QS2WS2008X64SQL/MSSQLSERVER' name'. (30.06.2017)
  • BUGFIX: (#22100) System.Exception: Unable to import virtual machine due to configuration errors. Fix issue with relocation rules, improved the error-handling mechanism in the hyperv_import module.
  • BUGFIX: (#21989) Cannot completely exclude a volume from VSS snapshot