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SEP AG has discontinued support for obsolete SEP sesam versions. Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version. For the latest version of SEP sesam documentation, see documentation home.

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The following steps are required to connect a sesam GUI with a sesam server.

Adapt the sm.ini

First the SEP sesam server which you would like to connect to has to be inserted in the sm.ini. For them you have to change to the "ini" directory of the SEP sesam GUI (/var/opt/sesam/var/ini/). There, in the sm.ini, under the section [SERVER] the line


has to modified or inserted.


The name resolution of the network - via /etc/hosts or a DNS server - must work properly (forward and reverse look up).

To grant permission for the GUI at the sesam server

First of all the sesam profile has to be loaded. Look at the FAQ for further information. Then type in the command

sm_setup allow_gui -u 'userwiththerighttoconnect' -c 'clientwiththerighttoconnect' -m admin

To allow all users and clients to connect to the sesam server with the GUI you can use 'wild cards' (*) in the previous command:

sm_setup allow_gui -u '*' -c '*' -m admin

The asterisks have to be masked with a single quote - '*' - in Linux.

Unless there is a firewall blocking communication you can establish a connection to the SEP sesam server with the GUI.


Unlock SEP sesam GUI using Windows