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Step 3: Storage Hardware - Drives and Loaders
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Step 5: Tasks - Select what you want to backup

Step 4: Media - Data Carriers

To prepare media (tape cartridges, removable drives, etc.) for SEP sesam, they must be initialized. The initialization process writes unique identification information to the media which is used by sesam to perform backup and restore operations. The identification label is placed at the beginning of media during physical initialization.

SEP sesam creates labels of the format <Poolname>nnnnn. From the beginning SEP sesam requires the organization of media into media pools. Within the pool the media are numbered sequentially. After installation a media pool with the name of SEP sesam server is created. A "test pool" can be created under GUI->Components-> Media Pools->New Media Pool.

The media strategy GET_OLDEST and the change strategy TIME are set as default.

For 'Drive Group' choose the one where the new media will be mounted.

Neuer Medienpool en.jpg

Now the media have to be included in the media archive (library), which is done under GUI->Components->Media->Initialization.

Medienneuaufnahme en.jpg

The window Adding a new media appears. After choosing a drive the specific drive properties are listed below. After that choose the pre-configured entries as desired under Media Pool and Media Type. Now choose Automatic assign of next number and start. Sesam determines a sequential number for the label, initializes the cartridge and adds the media into the database. When adding a large number of media at one time to a loader use the automated method. To accomplish this fill the magazine with "raw-media" and then select archive adjustment from the GUI.

The newly created media and media pools are listed under GUI->Components->Media Pools e.g.->Media