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Green IT is a new trend in the IT. It's often unnecessary to run a computer all the time. After the backup a computer which is no longer needed, for example a desktop PC, can be shut down. Here are the instructions on how to shutdown a (Windows) PC after the backup.

Green IT with SEP.

First - add a POST process to the backup task.

POST-Tasks2 en.jpg

Now edit the responding sbc_post file. Choose in the SEP sesam GUI --> Configuration -> Interfaces -> 'Post' Interface

Choose the computer from the list, e.g. hagakure

Interfaces en.jpg

Please add the following lines to the sbc_post file:

For Windows:

rem === Please insert your specific actions here =====================================
echo "shutdown -s -t 120"
shutdown -s -t 120

rem echo STATUS:ERROR {message}

For Linux:

echo "shutdown -h +2"
shutdown -h +2

The first line "shutdown ...." is the message which is written in the POST Log file during the backup. The options invoke a shutdown of the computer two minutes after the backup has finished.

Calculation - savings with Green IT:

Backup at 01:00 a.m. or 8:00 p.m. with following shutdown of the PC - the backup takes one hour.

Backup starts at 1 a.m. from till duration amount of time Savings
use time 08:00 19:00 11 h 45,83 %
idle time 19:00 01:00 6 h 25 %
backup time 01:00 02:00 1 h 4,17 %
off time 02:00 08:00 6 h 25 % approx. 25 %
Backup starts at 8 p.m. from till duration amount of time Savings
use time 08:00 19:00 11 h 45,83 %
idle time 19:00 20:00 1 h 4,17 %
backup time 20:00 01:00 1 h 4,17 %
off time 21:00 08:00 11 h 45,83 % approx. 46 %