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SEP AG has discontinued support for obsolete SEP sesam versions. Instructions are still available for these SEP sesam products, however, SEP AG accepts no responsibility or liability for any errors or inaccuracies in the instructions or for the incorrect operation of obsolete SEP sesam software. It is strongly recommended that you update your SEP sesam software to the latest version. For the latest version of SEP sesam documentation, see documentation home.

SEP sesam Release 4.2

Release 4.2.2

This article describes release notes for SEP sesam version 4.2.1
Release notes for SEP sesam version 4.2.2 are described under Release Notes 4.2.2.

Latest Version

Updating your SEP sesam Installation

In case you update from the following versions:

  • 3.4/3.6/4.x: Direct update from any of these versions is possible.

Newer release

Release notes for SEP sesam 4.2.2

Former releases

Important changes

Attention: Important Changes

Installation on Windows system without .Net 3.5 failed
  • BUGFIX: (#16084) Installation failed due to incorrect side by side configuration (Windows system without .Net 3.5)
Segment size for SMS tape devices
  • Because of an overrun in segment size calculation, segments >4GB have not been written. This can lead to long restore times in case of a selective restore from a big saveset.
License Check
  • All licensed items are checked ({used} of {licensed}). In case of a license violation timeout limit of the license is reduced to 15 remaining days. Once the timeout limit has been exceeded the system does not allow any further backups. If the violation is resolved - either by reducing the amount of configured objects or by using an adequate license file - the license timeout is reset back to the licensed date.
  • CLIENTs versus Hypervisor's (File Option) VM_Clients: Since version Sesam Server is always counted as 'extended backup' Client even if Sesam Server itself is not configured with special backup task types hence Sesam server always consumes 1 CLIENT license! The following backup types are allowed as 'Hypervisor's (File Option) VM_Clients': 'Path', 'System Recovery', 'NSS File System', 'eDirectory', 'iFolder', 'OES Novell Directory'.
vSphere extension
  • All SEP sesam Clients acting as data mover for vSphere backups, should be updated to SEP sesam version 4.2, too.
Dovecot and Courier IMAP extension
  • Both extensions are using a new executable sbc_imap2 now, so all related clients have to be updated to SEP sesam 4.2, too.
SEP sesam notify and alarm interface
  • For all notifications including a log file, log file name is now in the 3rd parameter.
SEP sesam Bootstrap Database
  • The Disaster Interface now sends an email describing the procedure in case of a Sesam disaster and contains a SEP sesam bootstrap database with all essential data for disaster recovery in the attachment. For Windows the existing sm_disaster will automatically be replaced with the new one (a backup of the existing sm_disaster is created).
Special handling of key 'with_archive_bit' with value 'yes' in table defaults
  • Since SEP sesam Version 4.2.1 file system backups on Microsoft Windows are always executed with level COPY! To add files with 'Archive Ready' attribute the new option '-o add_archive_ready' was introduced, to reset the 'Archive Ready' attribute the option '-o clear_archive' is available (read more).

Known Issues

Known Issues:

  • Installation on Ubuntu 12.04 fails, if PostgreSQL 8.4 is installed. Install PostgreSQL 9 before SEP sesam.
Media Handling
  • Media pool option Close tape on init has no functionality
  • License check needs about 3-10 sec. for every configured VMware vSphere access
  • VM names including the $ sign are not supported
  • Master GUI: All SEP sesam Servers administrated have to be updated to same SEP sesam version.
  • GUI permissions can't be set by GUI user permissions dialog
  • Some important information was not displayed correctly in GUI
Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Selective restore of Contacts is not yet supported.
Apostrophe not Allowed in Source Path
  • SEPsesam does not support a backup source with apostrophe (') as part of the path name.

Discontinued SEP sesam Server support

SEP sesam Server package installation and support is no longer offered on the following systems:

  • Windows XP

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages. For a definitive list of supported SEP sesam Clients please see SEP sesam Support Matrix.

New supported systems

See SEP sesam Support Matrix

MacOS 10.8

SEP sesam Client and GUI packages for MacOS 10.8 are available for download at download MacOS.

Univention UCS 3.0

Debian package install scripts have been adopted to find correct PostgreSQL binaries.

Linux with glibc 2.0

Because of customer requests for a more recent SEP sesam Client packages on quite old Linux systems, like Debian Sarge, a generic tar-ball 4.0.5 package has been built again. It includes certain extensions like for MySQL, PostgreSQL and OpenLDAP.

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Support for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Windows Server 2008 R2 Core

New supported platform Windows Server 2008 R2 Core



Support of Informix backup on Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 [R2] and Windows 7 added.


Support of IBM DB2/UDB on SLES11, RHEL6 and IBM AIX added.


Support for Zarafa backup on RHEL6, Lenny and Squeeze added.


Support for Citrix XenServer 6.0

End of maintenance announcement for older SEP sesam versions

  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 4.0 will end on July 31st, 2013.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.6 ended on June 30th, 2012.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.4 ended on December 31st, 2010.
  • Maintenance for SEP sesam version 3.0 ended on December 31st, 2009.

This does not affect SEP sesam Client packages for which there are no newer versions available.

New Features

VMware vSphere

  • Block level incremental backup using CBT (
  • Support of Linux vCenter Appliance
  • Support of Linux as data mover
  • Restore of single VMDKs into exiting VMs
  • Add VMDK to exiting VM
  • VMDK can be restored into different datastores


NetApp volumes can be saved over NFS. Read more.

Linux backup using LVM

File systems can be frozen before backup using LVM snapshots


  • Over all Unicode support, e.g. browsing of sources, targets and items.
Enhanced restore expert options
Reduction and Relocation for multiple paths
Reduction with regular expressions

Notification Center

  • All urgent events are visualized and collected
  • The user can set the following states for notifications:
The notification was read but stays in the notification overview until it has been resolved.
The notification was read and resolved, and must not appear in the notification overview again.
The notification was dismissed and must not appear in the notification overview again.
'remind me later' with 'date'
The notification will be shown up at given 'date' again.
  • RSS feeder for version specific maintenance and updates

Scheduling over task properties

  • a task or task group can be assigned to a schedule in task (group) properties directly
  • a task can be assigned to one or more task groups in task properties directly
  • No sm_ctrld_main daemon is needed on SEP sesam Server for RMI communication
  • Restore relocation can handle several relocation's now


Archive adjustment

New option for archive adjustment to work with barcodes only. Archive adjustment can be started even if backups are running.
No new media can be introduced and only media with barcode are recognized. Also the mail slots are scanned and will be shown in loader overview correctly.

Loader import/export
Multiple slots/ports can be specified. (e.g. -s 1-3,5 -p 0-4)

Media handling

New option for media pools to allow using media from another pool, if a media is needed for backup.

Enforce Full backup

During configuration of a backup event max. interval for last successful Full backup can be selected for Diff or Incr backups. If no Full backup can be found it will be enforced. If 0 is specified Full will be enforced until next successful execution.

SEP sesam Server Disaster Recovery

Several changes and enhancements have been made to ease the procedure in case of a Sesam Disaster Recovery.

  • A SESAM_BACKUP additionally produces a minimal export of the SEP sesam database (bootstrap database) containing only essential database information needed for Sesam disaster recovery
  • The Disaster Interface (if configured) sends an email describing the procedure in case of a Sesam disaster and contains the bootstrap database in the attachment. For Windows the existing sm_disaster will automatically be replaced with the new one (a backup of the existing sm_disaster is created).
  • In the MSI Installer a check box was inserted for 'Disaster Recovery', here the bootstrap database can directly be inserted and will automatically be imported into SEP sesam.
  • New function in GUI File->Import Sesam Database. As described in sm_disaster information the Sesam bootstrap or entire database can be imported here.
  • New function in GUI File->Export Sesam Database to export SEP sesam database to a file. If no SESAM_BACKUP backup task is configured use this option to export the SEP sesam database on a regular basis.

SEP Easy Archive

SEPsesam Archive Appliance


SEPsesam Deduplication Appliance


  • License output with better overview of all used/unused and licensed components
  • Overview of 'File Option' and 'extended' Backup Clients
  • Overview of all licensed storage devices with used volume capacity
  • 'Remote Device' license is not longer available. Old licenses with Remote Device items are implicitly upgraded to Remote Device Serves (RDS)
  • All running hosts of configured hypervisors (eg. vSphere, Citrix XEN) are counted and must be licensed
  • Better visualisation of license violations
  • License reductions and violations are notified via new GUI notification object
  • 10 days license reduction if a license violation arises, e.g. too much storage used
  • Option to use temporary demo license to test additional sesam features and automatic revert to original license after timeout

Volume Based License

  • Based on a yearly license model with one price for an over all usage for the entire environment without any additional costs
  • The license price is based on used storage for backup


MSI Installer

For command line installation new variables have been added (see also MSI manual):

  • UPDATE_MAIL = yes|no -> Update sm_disaster, sm_notify, and/or sm_alarm if already present in bin\sesam directory, default is UPDATE_MAIL=no
  • IGNOREDOTNET = yes|no -> If .Net Framework is not availabe for an RDS, Client, or GUI installation use IGNOREDOTNET=yes, default is IGNOREDOTNET=no

Windows XP will no longer be supported for SEP sesam Server Installation hence the Windows Installer prohibits installation using the server package on a Windows XP computer. The client and GUI Kits can still be used to install a client or a GUI with or without Client on a Windows XP computer.

Handling of key 'with_archive_bit'

If the key 'with_archive_bit' is set to value 'yes' in table defaults then since SEP sesam Version 4.2.1 the file system backups on Microsoft Windows are always executed with level COPY! To add files with 'Archive Ready' attribute the new option '-o add_archive_ready' was introduced, to reset the 'Archive Ready' attribute the option '-o clear_archive' is available.

If 'with_archive_bit' is set to value 'yes' then all backups with level FULL/DIFF/INCR are executed with level COPY and the following additional options:

  • FULL with '-o clear_archive',
  • DIFF with '-T {since_last_full} -o add_archive_ready' and
  • INCR with '-T {since_last_backup} -o add_archive_ready,clear_archive'

Find out more information in SEP sesam FAQ


GroupWise 2012/2014

The functionality for GroupWise 2012 backup and restore is included in the Sesam Novell Client (4.2.x and higher)

  • Support of GroupWise 2012 component based backup and restore, selection of domains and post offices
  • Optimized GroupWise backup with avoidance of unused data

Dovecot IMAP

SEP sesam extension for Dovecot IMAP including single mail restore

SEP sesam Client has also to be updated to version 4.2.1 to use these functions. Backups will still work with older versions, but for restore a new client version is mandatory.

Microsoft System Reserved Volume

  • Browsing of System Reserved Volume with Boot Loader information in description and lower levels, identified via Volume GUID
  • Restore of System Reserved Volume

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

The Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is supported with 2 new task types:

  • SharePoint Server - to store the server components data,
  • SharePoint Sites - to store the site collections.

SharePoint Server backs up the SharePoint Server components data to allow a restore of a Farm component. The SharePoint Sites backs up site collections with items/documents to allow a restore of a whole site collection or to restore a single item/document within a site collection. Also items/documents can be restored as a new version to keep version history of original item/document.

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Exchange Server 2010 - to back up the databases which are mounted on the given server.
  • Exchange Server DAG - to back up the Exchange Server 2010 databases that are replicated via DAG.
  • Sub domain support
  • Public folder backup with calendar and shared post offices
  • Restore of inbox, calendar items, contacts and tasks
  • Email unicode subject line support

With 'Exchange Server DAG' even the data from a remote Exchange Server 2010 can be backed up on a separate host which is a member of the DAG and holds a replica of the databases.

Informix on Microsoft Windows

  • Support for Informix on Microsoft Windows

INGRES on Microsoft Windows

  • Support for INGRES on Microsoft Windows

Major Fixes

  • Correct check if a tape segment becomes full for a default_segmentsize>4GB in sms.ini. Calculating of written bytes has to be done with cast to 'long long' before comparison
  • SEP sesam reported a license timeout warning, even with a valid license file installed


You will find complete CVS change reports here.



  • BUGFIX: (#16084) Installation failed due to incorrect side by side configuration (Windows system without .Net 3.5) - inserted the VC90 manifest file since some of the DLLs in the SMS directory are linked to the msvcr90.dll



  • BUGFIX: (#15666) Check correct format of 'gv_rw_tmp/work' path (../var/tmp and ../var/work)
  • BUGFIX: (#15676) Add saveset size and sbc start time as additional parameters to 'sbc_post' interface
  • NEW: Performance Improvement: Use Level Sorted LIS (LSL) file together with QuickSearch to retrieve directory levels for selective restore (fetched from lsl_branch rev.
  • BUGFIX: (#15839): Fix core dump during media import, if no slot is set


  • BUGFIX: (#11435) Fixed the issue that no update was done in an open state view after a new day event
  • BUGFIX: (#15803) All database changes done in a SQL transaction were not reported in the Sesam main log file


  • License timeout has been extended to 15 days

VMWare vSphere

  • NEW: Support of 'Changed Block Tracking' (CBT) for block level incremental backups


  • BUGFIX: Correct check if tape segment is full. Calculating of written bytes has to be done with cast to 'long long' before comparison


  • BUGFIX: 'slu scan' works without '/proc/scsi/scsi' on Linux again


  • BUGFIX: (#15749) Exchange 2007 restore does not work anymore up from 4.2
  • BUGFIX: (#15837) Single Item Restore does not work, if parent folder contains a slash sign



  • CHANGE: changed the text in case a new license was inserted. Now it should be clearer.
  • CHANGE: Assure corect alignment for SPAD stream after VOLB, TAPE and SSET
  • BUGFIX: (#2012112380000121) SPAR file processing for large files > 2 GB failed due to wrong file size calculation (MTF_ERROR_BAD_ARCHIV)
  • NEW: (#15496) sort_file() if GLBV gv_sm_sort is set (e.g. 'sm_glbv w gv_sm_sort 1') then 'sm_sort {infile} {outfile}' is called instead of MS Windows sort.exe
  • CHANGE: sort_file(): Use gv_rw_tmp: as temporary directory for sort.exe


  • BUGFIX: (#15587) in case more than 99 devices are present slu scan only shows the first 99 devices


  • BUGFIX: Since rev. 1.68 (Sesam the stdin processing could skip 10 bytes if received block ednded with CR or LF
  • BUGFIX: Since the special handling of END_OF_STDIN indicator an interactive use of CTRLC was no longer possible due to offset handling. Now CR and LF on end of input are handled especially.


  • BUGFIX: (#15579) Interfaces are not written correctly to client: CTRLC_LIB must process infile set to '-' as stdin stream; changed the location of the sbc_pre/post files to the remote location (gv_ro...) and erased the resolve_path of the sbc_pre/post files. Interfaces are not written correctly to client: Close stdin before any remote command to avoid reading GUI output. the interface files sbc_* were handled differently than the sm_* interface files leading to problems when saving the files. Now all interface files are handled simultaneously.
  • CHANGE: WINDOWS: (#15579) SESAM library function file_rename(...) returns error 2 'no such file or directory' so now use file rename function directly
  • NEW: (#15591) Inserted functionality for importing an exported sesam db file from the SESAM_BACKUP automatically using the following notation 'sm_db_update update -d y'. Inserted a section in checkenv() to merge the database export file with the db_disaster_restore_export generated in case of a disaster restore. Change the path of the database export file to dos in case of windows.
  • NEW: (#15591) Extended the sesam disaster restore functionality. In case a restore is started with restore_type=f9 only specific files are restored which are necessary to get the server up and running again. Inserted the BEGIN TRANSACTION and the COMMIT statement before and after the restore_results and restore_tasks export. Needed in a disaster szenario. Removed the newline statement from the sm_cmd add notification message. Changed the special restore command in case of a SESAM_BACKUP restore. Inserted the popup text of the disaster restore to the cm_lang.h. inserted the deletion of the db/restore directory in case two disaster restores have been made to make sure that the correct database export file is taken.
  • bugfix: (#15591) in addition to the relocation of the db/backup directory to db/restore a relocation of the db_pg/backup directory to db_pg/restore for unix was inserted.
  • CHANGE: Start restore of diff/incr vSphere backup as non generation restore, because VADP client will reuest necessary saveset by 'sbc_com' later
  • NEW: Set data mover in Sesam DB for extern VADP backup jobs
  • CHANGE: During installation server's oper system 'Windows 8' or 'Windows Server 2012' are recognized and inserted into table clients
  • NEW: Calculate backup duration in seconds (start and stop time from sbc) and write it into 'results.duration'
  • BUGFIX: (#15628) Exchange Generation restore fails if item is selected from FULL - Non-generation type for backup type Exchange2007/2010 needs -R '/' to restore to Original; Do not use original date from DIFF/INCR saveset, set original date to date of saveset
  • bugfix: (#15673) For disaster restore added the slash to var and bin/sesam directory in case they are not present.

License Issues

  • BUGFIX: With a new license file the notification about license reset must not be sent multiple
  • BUGFIX: Avoid license violation if RemoteDeviceServers (RDS) are SAN RDS
  • CHANGE: LIC_COUNT_CLIENTS() Count sesam server as 'extended backup' client even if sesam server is not configured with special backup types
  • CHANGE: Add 'eDirectory','iFolder','OES Novell Directory' to backup types which can be saved by a file system client (non extened backup type)

Exchange Server Issues

  • CHANGE: SBC_WIN32_VERSION=4.2R8 with URLencoded Exchange 2010 Mailbox folders
  • NEW: 'Exchange Server', Exchange2007/2010 Add lines for calendar, contact groups, contact and arbitrary imap items into LIS too
  • CHANGE: EXTRACT_DIR() Keep indicator D[atabase], U[ser], m[ailbox] in case of Exchange Backup Task Type


  • BUGFIX: (#2012102980000193) Restore from LTO5 drive ends with 'Error while unpacking data[...]' - retry to read block after error ERROR_IO_DEVICE or ERROR_BUS_RESET
  • BUGFIX: (#2012120780000122) Restore with tape change could skip first block on new type - error message: 'Error while unpacking data. GetStreams: At current offset ... no valid MTF Stream ID was found'
  • CHANGE: To support Segment Size > 2GB, e.g. 10 GB via sms.ini Default_Segment_Size=10000 (counted as MB) unsigned long long must be used


  • BUGFIX: (#15591) Inserted the new description for disaster restore of a SESAM_BACKUP which has to be executed. After the database import all backup job containing DISASTER, sesam, or SESAM in the task name and whose state is 'a' are set to finished with warnings
  • NEW: gwsep.conf to configure GroupWise System 2012

Demo License

  • CHANGE: DEMO license with '0 von 11 Storage Base 1 TB + Storage Extension 10 TB (0 GB used)'

SBC Unix

  • BUGFIX: (#15599) Correct backup with option '-o noacl'
  • NEW: Print out client host name in sbc log

SBC Windows

  • CHANGE: SBC_WIN32_VERSION=4.2R8 with URLencoded Exchange 2010 Mailbox folders
  • CHANGE: Show SQL results, e.g. 'Processed 176 pages for database ...' for every processed database
  • CHANGE: Call PostBackup even some error is occurred in the sbc_es module (BackupComplete event must be send to the VSS writers when backup has been finished without VSS errors);
  • CHANGE: Use special path format (\\?\Volume{GUID}\<path>) instead of standart one (C:\<path>) for Regsitry Writer files
  • CHANGE: Print warning in case of non-processed user mailboxes (MS Exchange backup operation);
  • BUGFIX: (#15604) Sesam Exchange User is not created - user name switch '-a user=SEPsesam...' was not parsed and leads to missing user creation
  • BUGFIX: (#15594) Retrieve Contacts and Contact Groups
  • BUGFIX: find a correct MS Exchange Server on initialization phase of sbc_es
  • CHANGE: Show SQL results, e.g. 'Processed 176 pages for database ...' for every processed database
  • NEW: Exchange2010: Print 'Task' items into LIS file
  • BUGFIX: Exchange: (#15433) restore of folders with special characters not possible;
  • CHANGE: Exchange: 'Message' restore text changed into 'Item [%s] successfully restored' bcz may be used for Contacts too
  • BUGFIX: (#15679) Second Exchange backup at the same time does not work with version 4.2, with version 4.0 it did
  • CHANGE: print out component dependencies on writer level of browsing
  • BUGFIX: backup bootmgr + Boot
  • BUGFIX: retrieve volume GUID


  • BUGFIX: Remove '-R /' from sbc command line because relocation parsing will stop here
  • BUGFIX: Enclose backup soure with ", so sbc searches correct directory


  • BUGFIX: (#15586) execute sm_config_drives after database import using the msi installer


  • NEW: (#15542) Implemented generation part of json objects for project: API/CLI results in 'JSON'. Added code to interpret given data as a modify request with json object syntax in CLI
  • BUGFIX: (#14097) set correct cli error message, if user is not allowed to use CLI
  • BUGFIX: list datastore fixed, set outputstream, errorstream for list datastore operation
  • NEW: parameter -a 'level=<val>' for restore VM, that override parsed level from -s saveset
  • CHANGE: check if xml structure of ovf file is valid (backup VM)
  • NEW: (#15578) If get change blocks fails due to filefault exception, add error message, including necessary steps to fix it (VM full,diff,incr backup). Manual activation of VM CBT with GUI at task dialog
  • BUGFIX: (#15533) log error message, if invoke vmaccess without user/password
  • BUGFIX: backup VM with exclude vmdk fixed
  • BUGFIX: (#15555) set correct target vmdk (targetvmdk==::==sourcevmdk) parameter for sbc, when backup vmdk data
  • BUGFIX: restore VM fixed, null check for compatibility mode of vmdk, when vmdk will be created
  • BUGFIX: (#15216) prevent rename client name at client dialog, if client_id=0
  • NEW: (#8834) set defaults.key=compress_lis at gui defaults dialog
  • BUGFIX: (#15579) Better handling of saving Sesam Interface files which contain CR. Fixed the issue that Sesam Interface files are not saved. Save changed sesam interface file. Print stack trace of possible IOE in exevuteWriteProcess
  • BUGFIX: (#15591) Correct the exit code processing in the Disaster Restore Notification Dialog and the Import Sesam DB Dialog. Implemented call of sm_db_update update with flag in the disaster restore notification dialog. Implemented dialog disaster_restore notification. Set acknowledged to ACCEPTED when the user discards the disaster restore in the Disaster Restore Notification Dialog. New button for disaster restore in the restore wizard. Set recover to 'disaster_restore' in case of a selected disaster restore in the RestoreWizard. Better logging of calling 'sm_db_update' in the GUIServer log (sm_gui_server.lgc)
  • CHANGE: check, if command 'sm_db_update' was executed successfully, before invoke command 'sm_config_drives' (import database dialog)
  • CHANGE: (#15586) Execute sm_config_drives after database import via GUI
  • BUGFIX: (#15590) set correct font color of all tables, which implements defaultstylesheet, set foreground color of cellstyle to black, that prevent change font color to last cellstyle (jide bug)
  • BUGFIX: (#15558) take changed rmi port of remote server after close remote server dialog with button 'ok'
  • CHANGE: Use bytearray (UTF8) to browse directories under novell
  • BUGFIX: (#15606) set correct encoding for vm data at browser
  • BUGFIX: (#15497) browse directory with special chars under linux fixed (browser and restore wizard saveset browser)
  • CHANGE: (#15575) set backup source to '/', if select node 'Microsoft Exchange Server' at browser with tasktype 'Exchange Server'
  • BUGFIX: (#15570) set correct exclude path, if exlude vmdk with browser ([datastore] vmdkpath/vmdkname.vmdk)
  • CHANGE: (#15477) set default name for drivegroup, when create new datastore and drive group field is still empty (datastore dialog)
  • NEW: (#16460) column 'results.sbc_start' at component 'backup' (taskbystatus)
  • NEW: (#15569) Show the results datamover values in a column of the task by status table
  • BUGFIX: Added missing localized string (RunBackupDialog.Message_Client_is_deactivated)
  • CHANGE: (#15593) show information box if start restoretask immediately and no restoretask is available
  • change: (#15545) Offer all clients (except Netware) for target node in RW, if dump to file is choosen
  • BUGFIX: Avoid possible ClassCastException when writing the restore list in the restore wizard
  • bugfix: (#15566) fill targetnode combobox with correct clients, if restore VM and change to 'restore VM as path' at expert options
  • change: (#15504) change datamover at task dialog and override client datamover
  • BUGFIX: GUI Server Logging: Execution of select results statements were wrongly logged in cyclic context
  • BUGFIX: create VMDK at VM, when restore VM (
  • BUGFIX: do not create VMDKs, if restore VM with recover parameter ''
  • BUGFIX: set correct sbc command, if backup "all VMDKs"+config in one saveset with action=<options> (VSPHERE:)
  • bugfix: (#15654) set original disk typ (thick,quick) of vmdk, when restore VM
  • BUGFIX: do not set VMDK path of independent VMDK to SBC command, if restore VM and VMDK is 'independent'
  • BUGFIX: (#11583) offer linux+windows clients as datamover at client dialog, if client os is 'ESX Server'
  • BUGFIX: (#15497) Reverted use of checkIfFontExist(String defFont) to show chines fonts again - Problem: MS Song not listed here. font can be separated set by os with window key 'default_font_windows' or linux key 'default_font_linux' at defaults table.
  • BUGFIX: (#15596) Fixed the issue that an action on a drive was executed immediately
  • CHANGE: font will be checked, if exists; when font is unknown, default font for sesam will be used (windows:TAHOMA, linux:ARIAL)
  • NEW: (#14640) Results Dialog: Add fields sbc start, sbc duration and overall duration to second properties tab. Added Column for duration in the task by status table
  • BUGFIX: (#15521) prevent enable new remote server at remote server dialog, if version of server is out of date
  • BUGFIX: (#15292) LIS Problem with selective restores - Didn't find matching LIS line fixed. Removed obsolete new lines in sel file generation (TECH: if \r\r detected - correct this to \r\n).
  • BUGFIX: Browse esx server, when create new VM task fixed (if command sm_sho does not deliver data, add custom node at browser tree, that allows to browse esx server)
  • BUGFIX: (#15605) select correct items at restore wizard saveset browser, if open existing restore task with task type 'Exchange server'
  • BUGFIX: (#15623) select correct nodes at browser depends on source+tasktype, if browser task source of existing task
  • BUGFIX: Run restoretask immediately fixed (null check for restoretask.original caused nullpointerexception)
  • BUGFIX: Avoid NPE when starting a disaster recovery via GUI
  • bugfix: (#15654) set original disk property 'ThinProvisioned' of vmdk, when restore VM
  • bugfix: set correct vmdk 'thisprovisioned' flag (use virtual disk from created snapshot), when create conf file (backup VM)
  • BUGFIX: (#15664) Umlauts in Exchange subject lines are not displayed correctly fixed.
  • BUGFIX: run restoretask immediately fixed (null check for restoretask.original caused nullpointerexception)
  • CHANGE: (#15591) Set recover to 'disaster_restore' in case of a selected disaster restore in the RestoreWizard
  • change: (#15250) use own dialog instead of messagebox with combobox to list all available restore task for run immediately, add quicksearch table field for filter table data. show more information (backup, creation time) for restore task, if run restore task immediately
  • CHANGE: offer drivenum of all drives at restore wizard drive CB
  • bugfix: Corrected switching between mailbox view and file view in the restore wizard [TECH: Subsequent error of fix for #15525]
  • BUGFIX: (#15629) gui freezes, if get license text at license dialog fixed (close command outputstream at server side); save changes of interface file at gui fixed, read errorstream of executed command with extra thread (prevents that run command thread does not freeze, when STDERR=1 is set at debug.ini)



  • BUGFIX: (#15549) Set correct value for 'datastores.filled' in case of function 'purge'. (Correct parsing of changed 'sm_client du' output, which includes value in human readable form now)
  • BUGFIX: #15550 - System Restore Windows 2003 Server avoid duplicate SPAD Stream
  • BUGFIX: [Ticket#2012111380000112] System Restore Win 2003 Server: SPAD stream must not appear twice
  • BUGFIX: (#15429) vmdk restore failed due to problems with the restore path. A backslash was missing after _vapd_
  • BUGFIX: (#15502) License for SharePoint is calculated incorrectly - do not count backup_types
  • BUGFIX: Do not stop watch dog, if queue could not be occupied
  • BUGFIX: (#15547) Reset saveset to migrated saveset, if orginal saveset does not exist in 'results' table any more, so restore uses LIS file from migrated saveset instead of finish with error
  • BUGFIX: Set backup source to empty sting in case of BSR_Windows, so Sesam will not try to find it in LIS file
  • BUGFIX: Do not search in LIS file in case of saveset without format (mtf,cpio). Try to uncompress LIS file first
  • BUGFIX: (#15549) Use correct value to set 'data_stores.filled' in database
  • BUGFIX: Look for 'sm_ctrld_main' in process list, if deamon is running instead of using exit code from start.
  • BUGFIX: (#15498) Windows Command_Event for CMD script failed due to additional '"' char
  • BUGFIX: (#15524) Changed the size of the message_id field in the notifications table to 64 since it was too small for the RSS feeder title.


  • BUGFIX: (#15515) Write whole command string into QM main pipe with an atomic write, so QM doesn't break one request into two parts


  • BUGFIX: Linux Change help from '-o no_finderr' to correct '-o ignore_finderr'
  • BUGFIX: Windows Check if W2KSS (system_state for Windows 2003) should be processed via IsRelocInvolved() so if not restored to original the W2KSS processing is not involved


  • BUGFIX: (#15487) Add missing function 'update_client_version'. Without this function client version number will not be updated in 'sm.ini' during startup
  • BUGFIX: Debian Call 'sm_check_version' to update 'sm.ini' as already done for SuSE and RedHat


  • BUGFIX: (#15540) Fixed the issue, that the CLI worked with only one buffer
  • BUGFIX: (#15557) Remote server can not be activated in German GUI Master GUI fixed.
  • BUGFIX: (#15514) Not all items are displayed on selective restore in 4.2! (TECH: changed RemoteExec mechanism to us aThreadedStreamHandler), Added an inputStream.close() and process.destroy()
  • bugfix: (#15488) Already accepted notification can still be dismissed
  • CHANGE: (#15517) (EOL-free bands are not used for backup, if not set the media pool) Deactivated checkboxes in the media management dialog and changed description text.
  • NEW: (#15480) Restore Exchange DB to original location with overwrite
  • bugfix: downgrade from GUI fixed (server version < client version)
  • BUGFIX: (#15499) The date range of the by status views was stored incomplete. Save selected date range, if choose date range and save config as view
  • bugfix: (#15541) restore VM as path fixed (use backup type from static class BackupTypes)
  • BUGFIX: (#1525) Do not prefetch the first level of the file tree for the next page in the restore wizard
  • BUGFIX: (#13920) Port changes developed in HEAD to branch (restore a selective exchange on file level (file view) will ALWAYS work in overwrite mode, even if it has been disabled!)
  • bugfix: (#15534) Remove log 'query executed in' printed to STDOUT


  • BUGFIX: (#15487) Add missing function 'update_client_version'. Without this function client version number will not be updated in 'sm.ini' during startup
  • BUGFIX: Call 'sm_check_version' to update 'sm.ini' as already done for SuSE and RedHat
  • CHANGE: Startup on Debian Linux: Replace 'rc_failed' by a function reporting failed state
  • BUGFIX: (#15502) License for SharePoint is calculated incorrectly - do not count backup_types
  • BUGFIX: Set backup source to empty string in case of BSR_Windows, so SEP sesam will not try to find it in LIS file
  • BUGFIX: Look for 'sm_ctrld_main' in process list, to check if daemon is running instead of using exit code from startup
  • BUGFIX: Change help from '-o no_finderr' to correct '-o ignore_finderr'


  • BUGFIX: (#15464) Set curl option 'proxy' to nothing, so Citrix XEN backup will not be done over a proxy server
  • BUGFIX: (#15475) Old License with obsolete items may produce 10 days warning
  • BUGFIX: (#15336) Full file based backup (i.e. source all) deletes Exchange transaction protocols - Avoid FULL/DIFF/INCR for Windows sbc by using level COPY and options clear_archive/add_archive_ready/add_archive_ready,clear_archive
  • BUGFIX: (#2012091080000113) If new backup processes try to login to SMS during EOM handling then this may cause hanging situation, 15 minutes per backup process, and the backup failed with 1024: SMS is not in allowed state for this command. Current state is 'CHANGING_MEDIA'
  • NEW: (#15462) 'sm_notify' will be called with overall migration status after last saveset has been copied


  • BUGFIX: (#15398) 'Backup with compress and encrypt may cause data loss' now both options are supported together
  • BUGFIX: (#15279) RCMD sometimes returned exit code 0 even if process exited with higher exit code. This is a Microsoft bug, the workaround is to get the exit code from thread and process then to use the thread's exit code if the process exit code was 0
  • BUGFIX: (#2012072080000027) sm_sms_watch cored on Windows if backup on RD. ctrlc_lib() used tmpfile() to open temporary files for redirection of stdout and stderr, now algorithm works without temporary files
  • BUGFIX: (#15243) Savesets in table results are removed despite of existing migrated saveset copies. During day change all saveset entries and LIS files of sesam days without entries in result_lbls were removed
  • BUGFIX: Update 'media_results' after archive adjustment over bar code only
  • BUGFIX: (#15442) 'stpd cores during parallel backups' due to working on one global structure for concurrent stpd processed. Now DataStore calculation is done on one shared memory structure but saveset processing is done in a separate local structure
  • BUGFIX: (#15408): Close UNIX domain socket file after creation during restore, to avoid 'too many open files' problem.
  • BUGFIX: (#13067) Check backup sources before calling sbc_find process, because sbc_find will not report non exiting directories, if option -ignore_race_dir is set.
  • BUGFIX: Check if volume is excluded in case of 'all' backup before processing VSS snapshot creation
  • NEW: Backup source can be specified as key value from sm.ini pathes section. (gv_rw_work:, gv_rw_lis)
  • BUGFIX: (#15178) initialize read check tab at media pool dialog with correct db values



  • BUGFIX: Re-submit restore task, if an incorrect drive number is set for drive type 'DISK_STORE' (Only correct drive can access data store)
  • BUGFIX: (#15209) If last MS-SQL Server FULL backup failed (state not '0' or '1') then run next DIFF/INCR as FULL
  • BUGFIX: (#15161) Use correct saveset ID for updating 'DB:result_lbls.segment'
  • BUGFIX: (#15172) Do not set OS according to sbc output to 'LINUX', if configured OS is 'ESX-Server' or 'Citrix XenServer. (sbc is build on Linux, but we need exact OS info here)
  • BUGFIX (#14468) Do not set OS from sbc output in case of 'Netware' because sbc is called on Linux datamover
  • BUGFIX: Use correct LIS/LST file name if migrated saveset is selected for restore (Sesam date was wrong here, so it had been worked in case migration has been done at same Sesam day)
  • BUGFIX: (#14590): Check complete restore log for errors, because first 'sbc' call can be successful and analysing log usually stop searching for errors here
  • NEW: Check 'sbc' output for more client information (Sesam package, HW platform) and write it into DB:clients
  • NEW: Compress Sesam DB SQL exports
  • NEW: Remove old 'DB:media_results' if Sesam day will be deleted
  • NEW: Write message into Sesam status file, if task couldn't be submitted from sm_sepul_event
  • NEW: (#13716): Add drive type 'DAT320' as generic 'AIT'


  • NEW: Complete removal of a Sesam Data Store
  • NEW: Add SEP sesam Server name first in title bar
  • NEW: Java specific options can be set by '-a jvmopts=<options>'. ',' has to be replaced by '#' in options string
  • NEW: Add multi selection support in saveset table of data store dialog
  • NEW: Show SEP License EULA on start up and memorize agreement
  • NEW: Property window for migration and media events
  • NEW: Property window for restore events
  • NEW: Immediate start of backup with time range
  • NEW: Implemented 'Show Button Labels' for DataStore frame.
  • BUGFIX: Offer only suitable drives for restore
  • BUGFIX: If a new schedule is created with "execute: no" the fields 'start_time', 'duration' and 'day_offset' were not stored
  • BUGFIX: Restore Wizard: Hide path reduction panel and plain restore combo box in case of Novell task types (sbc_smdr )
  • BUGFIX: Task could not be deleted, if a task group with same name is scheduled


  • NEW: (#14236) SBC backup option '-o ignore_finderr', to ignore errors from 'sbc_find' process (like 'gvfs' mounts, not accessible by 'root' or use workaround ). Use with care because all errors from 'sbc_find' are ignored, if option is set
  • NEW: Allow option -f @@file:{file} to back up raw data from file (new for Windows)
  • NEW: Do not kill all sub-processes, if signal 2 is received. Close listening socket after fork of sm_ctrld. Allows restart of sm_ctrld_main over sm_ctrlc connection.
  • NEW: SEP sesam Server Cluster support: Use SEP sesam Server address gv_server to bind to local address
  • BUGFIX: Fix core dump during restore of large Linux extended attributes. (Buffer was allocated with 'MAX_ATTR_VALUE_LEN', but EA are base64 encoded in stream so we need 'MAX_ATTR_VALUE_LEN*4' of memory


  • NEW: If more then one backup source (path) is set for Dovecot backup, then use first one only as path to maildir, but backup the other sources. (Backup of several users instead of all)
  • NEW: Remove Sesam Oracle trace files older than 14 days from 'sob' directory
  • NEW: (#13529) Change 'XEN Server' to '/Citrix XenServer:' in dir output to match task_types entry
  • NEW: Show Informix instances during browsing
  • NEW: If an Exchange Generation restore was started but only FULL is needed then execute as non-generation restore
  • NEW: Remove Sesam Oracle trace files older than 14 days from sob. directory
  • BUGFIX: Client ID was not updated, if target vCenter was changed during a vSphere restore

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