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Changes with Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2

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As of SEP sesam v. 4.4.3, the sbc_smdr is part of Linux kits for SLES12 (SLES12 is the client package which is used for OES 2015) therefore no special Novell Client module is required as stated below. The information in this article is outdated but is being kept as it might still be useful.

With the delivery of Novell Open Enterprise Server 11 Service Pack 2, the name of the directory service "Novell Directory" has been changed to "NetIQ Directory". Therefore an eDirectory Backup fails with the SEP sesam Novell Client smaller version 4.2.2-35.

Please install the latest SEP sesam Novell client for OES11 servers with Service Pack 2.

For SEP Sesam Server version earlier than 4.2.2-40 and 4.2.2-35 with SEP sesam Novell Client:
When you create a new job, you can browse the NetIQ eDirectory, but the job type is not automatically set to "eDirectory" and the source is registered with the wrong syntax. Please set the "Backup Type" manually to "eDirectory" and set the source to "Full Directory Backup".