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See GFS Backup Rotation Scheme.

Implementation of the grandfather-father-son principle with SEP sesam

The implementation of this concept in SEP sesam requires the following steps:

  • Configure a backup job for each computer to be backed up (eg for computer Tunix source ALL)
  • Create media pools
    • Day with a retention time of 5 days
    • Week with a retention time 27 days
    • Month with a retention time of 360 days
  • Inclusion of media to a library or a single tape drive

You will need a total of 22 tapes:

  • 6 for the pool Day
  • 4 for the pool Week
  • 12 for the pool Month

Setting up schedules and media events

  • Schedule Media_Day to be executed on the weekdays Monday through Thursday with media event on the pool Day. Choose init as media action. Insert in the field Options Day:% u. Therefore Day stands for the pool and % u for the current weekday as a number 1 to 7 1 Is the Monday.
  • Schedule Media_Week to be executed every Friday with a media event on the pool Week
  • Schedule Media_Month to be executed every last day of the month with the media event on the pool Month with priority 3. Insert in the field Options M:% m. Therefore Month stands for the pool and % m for the current month as a number between 1-12.

Setting up schedules for the start of the backups

  • Schedule Backup_Day, create with matching start time and run daily from Monday to Thursday> Backup as diff or INC
  • Schedule Backup_Week, create with matching start time and run every Friday of the week> backup as a Full
  • Schedule Backup_Month, create with matching start time and run every last day of the month> backup as a Full


Alternatively, the fuse M (onth) are called 'Copy' set on Saturday. This will be a complete detachment from the daily and weekly cycle. Here, the media event for the pool M are to move as well!