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As of SEP sesam v. 4.4.3 Grolar, you can use S3 (simple storage solution) cloud storage to safely store and retrieve your business data. Restoring from the S3 cloud is the same as a regular file system restore. Restore wizard guides you through the process of restoring your data. For step-by-step procedure, see Standard Restore Procedure.

Note that if the data you want to restore is not available on local Si3 store anymore, the Si3 data files will first be downloaded from the S3 cloud storage to the local store. In this case, the Si3 will be restarted during restore.

Restoring from S3

Information sign.png It is currently not possible to perform a restore from S3 through the GUI. A restore can be performed through a command-line interface (CLI). As this is a complex procedure, please contact SEP sesam support for help.