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Tasks by groups

From Main Selection -> Tasks -> By Groups, you can add multiple tasks to one or more groups. You can also see all of the tasks that have been assigned to a particular group.

A single event will activate all the collected tasks within the task group. The tasks will then be executed depending on the number of sms channels available. The remaining tasks will be retained in the execution queue and will be started chronologically.

Information sign.png Note
It is possible to disable a particular task or a whole task group without deleting it permanently and without cancelling all other events related to the same schedule. For details, see Disabling and Enabling Backup Task and Disabling and Enabling Task Group.

Tasks by groups overview Beefalo.jpg

By right-clicking on the task group the following options are shown:

Tasks by groups right-click Beefalo.jpg

Tasks group properties

Tasks bundled to tasks groups can be executed at the same (appointed) time. If possible, tasks are performed simultaneously on the drives. The other tasks are dynamically assigned to the backup devices by SEP sesam. The last backup status of the whole task group is also displayed.

Information sign.png Note
As of SEP sesam v. 4.4.3 Beefalo, you can select the option Customize Task List when creating a task group or in the task group properties. By using the Pre task group interface, you can add, delete or modify the tasks belonging to the task group.

Tasks by groups properties Beefalo.jpg

  • Group name: Task task group name.
  • Note: Additional information of the user.

The > selector assigns a single task to the selected group and >> selector allocates all available tasks. Selector < removes single- and << removes all tasks. The order in which SEP sesam starts tasks can be modified with and arrows.

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