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SEP sesam dashboard is an easy-to-use monitoring tool that constantly tracks SEP sesam operations and their state and provides key metrics of your backup environment. You can check whether all your backups and restores have been completed successfully and review other various useful information, such as daily, weekly, monthly or custom statistics on SEP sesam events, on total size of backed up and restored data and on data store utilization. You are able to filter the reports by events, clients, tasks and state; check backups and restores per client or application over time; get an overview of up-coming events and data store utilization.

You can access the SEP sesam dashboard online from Main Selection -> Monitoring -> Dashboard, by clicking dashboard icon in the menu bar, or by typing the following information in the browser address bar: http://[servername]:11401/sep/ui or https://[servername]:11401/sep/ui. For example, if the name of the server is localhost, the following link will open the SEP sesam dashboard: http://localhost:11401/sep/ui.

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You can export the dashboard data into CSV, JPG and PNG formats. For all details on dashboard features, see SEP sesam Dashboard.

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